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How long does it take for SIA exam results?

How long does it take for SIA exam results?

Once you receive your SIA qualification (the result is generally available after 5 working days) you can begin the process of officially applying for your SIA licence. You can do this, even without presenting your certificate as proof, providing you have the result of your exam.

What is the pass mark for SIA test?

The pass mark you need to achieve is a minimum score of 60% out of 100%. You have 20 minutes to complete the test.

Can you fail SIA course?

If you fail to attend the session on time, you will lose any resit fees paid.

Can you get your SIA Licence online?

You can apply for an SIA licence yourself – or your employer may agree to apply for you. If you decide to apply for a licence yourself, you need to do the following: Create an SIA online account. Complete and submit an application form through your online SIA account.

How do I get my SIA badge after passing my test?

The followings are basic steps to get an SIA licence:

  1. Identify which SIA license you need.
  2. Take your training courses at Training Hub.
  3. Pass the relevant exams at the end of the training course.
  4. Make sure you’ve done your First Aid training, if necessary.
  5. Apply and pay for your SIA licence.

Is SIA course easy?

Yes I am SIA registered. The course is a lot of fun and very easy to pass. I did the course when it first came out, it must be 12/13 yrs ago now. Its a bit of a paper filling exercise, as once you’re in the role, you won’t use it much.

Which SIA Licence is best?

The SIA Door Supervisor Licence is the most versatile SIA licence and lets you work in a wide variety of environments. From retail security to working the doors in high-end night spots this licence lets you do it all.

Is it easy to pass SIA Licence?

Most people hiring SIA DS licence holders will automatically require you have at least basic first aid as well. Yes I am SIA registered. The course is a lot of fun and very easy to pass.

What is the minimum wage for SIA?

Minimum Wage is currently at £7.83, with a 40% increase License Holders would receive £10.96 minimum an hour.

Can I use my SIA licence as ID?

The purpose of displaying the SIA licence is not as an identifier, but as proof that the wearer has the right and the training to do that job. Using unlicensed security operative is an offence, so companies employing SIA staffs must have the relevant documents and do regular licence checks for them.

Which SIA licence is best?

How can I get a free SIA licence?

Free To Call From Landline Or Mobile: 08000 24 2443 – Must attend all days to be eligible for FREE courses and FREE SIA Licence.

What do you need to know about the SIA test?

Below is additional information about SIA test based on our most frequently asked questions. Each unit is assessed by a separate multiple choice test which is externally set and marked by one of the awarding bodies, some of the bodies are ASET, BIIAB, City&Guilds and Edexcel.

Are there any other categories of pass for Sia?

There are no further categories of pass; the SIA certificate is not graded. The awarding body procedures on assessment and internal quality control are available on their respective websites.

Is the SOA still sending out pass / fail results?

Please Note: The SOA has had to suspend sending pass/fail results via text message to candidates temporarily due to a service disruption with our vendor. The instant results that Prometric issues at the end of your exam will still be available. However you will not receive a text message the same day as the passing candidate numbers are released.

When did the SIA test change to QCF?

SIA tests varies for each course, with the new QCF (Qualification Credit Framework) which is a modular format available from March 2010 for CCTV, Security Guarding and Vehicle Immobilisation, and from June 2010 for Door Supervision qualification, there is a common mandatory module which must be achieved by all new entrants in the Security Industry.

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