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What is Cuisenaire rods in silent way?

What is Cuisenaire rods in silent way?

Cuisenaire rods are small wooden rods of different lengths and colours. Cuisenaire rods are used in the Silent Way, a teaching methodology associated with humanism. Rods of one colour are used to represent verbs, another is added at the end to represent the past -ed form.

What is the basic teaching aid used in the silent way?

The silent way makes use of specialized teaching materials: colored Cuisenaire rods, the sound-color chart, word charts, and Fidel charts. The Cuisenaire rods are wooden, and come in ten different lengths, but identical cross-section; each length has its own assigned color.

What can you teach with Cuisenaire rods?

CUISENAIRE RODS. ® Provide endless opportunities to introduce, investigate, and reinforce key math topics such as addition, subtraction, geometry, measurement, multiplication, and division.

Are Cuisenaire rods good?

The Cuisenaire Rods are an especially valuable tool for any student with math difficulties because they provide a visual, tactile, and concrete approach to abstract math. The floor works well if the students are otherwise confined to small, slant-top desks.

What is one disadvantage of the Silent Way?

Disadvantages. The Silent Way is often criticized of being a harsh method. The learner works in isolation and communication is lacking badly in a Silent Way classroom. With minimum help on the part of the teacher, the Silent Way method may put the learning itself at stake.

How many Cuisenaire rods are in a set?

Rods come in various lengths that can be assigned different numeric values or units of measure. Introductory Set of wooden rods contains 74 rods, tray with lid and Activity Guide. Set includes 22 white, 12 red, 10 light green, six purple, and four each of the yellow, dark green, black, brown, blue and orange rods.

How are Cuisenaire rods used in different contexts?

Here are two activities using Cuisenaire Rods in different contexts. Students use a spinner to find the cost of 1 Cuisenaire Rod. They use this value to figure out the cost of other rods and then determine a combination of rods that they could buy with $10.00.

How long do you play with Cuisenaire rods?

Jumbo Cuisenaire Rods are easier to build with for very young students. As they explore they naturally learn about relationships between the rods. Allowing time for all students to gain familiarity with Cuisenaire Rods is essential at this stage. You can do this by providing daily play time with the rods for up to a week or even longer.

How big is a Cuisenaire rod in centimeters?

Cuisenaire Rods are a versatile collection of rectangular rods of 10 colors with each color corresponding to a different length. The shortest rod, the white, is 1 centimeter long; the longest, the orange, is 10 centimeters long.

How to find the length of a train in Cuisenaire?

To find the length of a certain train, students can cover the train with as many orange rods as they can and then fill in the remaining distance with white rods; so a train covered with 3 orange rods and 4 white rods is 34 white rods long. The rods can be placed end to end to model addition.

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