Is Asolo a good brand?

Is Asolo a good brand?

The Asolos are a good deal pricier than many a fine pair of hiking boots. In fact, they cost twice as much as many options. But they are more than worth it. The quick 4-1-1 on these boots: they have a full-grain waterproof leather upper and a rugged, Vibram rubber outsole with a Gore-Tex lining.

Where is Asolo made?

1998. The Zanatta Family acquired the Asolo brand and as a first investment opened its own production factory in Sibiu (Romania) in order to supervise all the production steps and guaranteeing the highest quality.

Are Asolo good shoes?

The full-leather Asolo Agent is a fine trail shoe of quality construction we expect from this manufacturer. It’s the most durable shoe in our review, lightweight, and its low profile won’t raise eyebrows at a post-hike happy hour. It doesn’t have much cushioning in the footbed, but some hikers appreciate that.

How do Asolo hiking boots fit?

Asolo runs long and narrow. The Asolo boot 12 Wide fit me perfect if not still a little snug in the toe box. If you have narrow feet, I recommend buying a half size smaller than your tennis shoe size. If you have normal feet, I recommend buying the Wides a half size small.

How long do Asolo boots last?

Asolo tells you to expect this at about 6 to 7-year mark. As noted below, while other brands also use the polyurethane midsole this is most noticeable in Asolos probably because boots from other brands are replaced before that. If you’re curious, check out a few hiking boots manufacturers’ warranty webpage.

Are Asolo hiking boots any good?

The Asolo Fugitive GTX has a great feel on your feet. The boot has a roomy interior with a big toe box – no blisters! I’ve worn thin and thick socks without any problem. That makes them good for cold and and hot conditions.

Are Asolo boots made in China?

Asolo – Asolo started making boots in 1946 and is owned by the same family, now in the third generation. Asolo production is 100% made in its own factories in Europe. In Italy they design all the shoes and parts and also produce the Alpine line and make samples and prototypes.

Is Asolo Made in Italy?

Still established in Nervesa, Italy, the company exports its excellent products to Eastern Europe, Asia, and North America.

Are Asolo hiking boots true to size?

Senior Member. Mine run true to size but agree they are a little narrow in the toe box. I wouldn’t up size from your normal shoe.

Are Asolo boots good for wide feet?

Great boot, but not for wide feet – I have a wide foot. These boots feel great upon putting them on, however after a short time walking around I realized the narrow width (yes, on the wide size) is too detrimental for holding onto these as a serious boot investment.

Where are La Sportiva hiking boots made?

Where are La Sportiva shoes manufactured? La Sportiva brand products sold in North America are manufactured in six factories. Our factories in Italy manufacture about 60% of our products. Factories in China and Vietnam manufacture 28% and 12% respectively, but this number is always changing.

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