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What is the definition of old codger?

What is the definition of old codger?

: an often mildly eccentric and usually elderly fellow old codger.

Where did the term old codger come from?

Don’t fall for it. “Codger” derives, not from falconry, but from the verb “cadge,” which once meant “to carry about.” During the 1400s itinerant peddlers cadged their wares — butter, eggs, poultry, fake Rolex watches — from town to town and so became known as “cadgers.”

What is a synonym for codger?

In this page you can discover 16 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for codger, like: fogey, crank, dodo, eccentric, elderly, fellow, galoot, miser, old-codger, fogy and faithfuls.

What is a cadger definition?

transitive verb. : to obtain (something) for free often by persuading or imposing on another : sponge …

Can a woman be an old coot?

Senior Member. But old hag is not the equivalent of old coot. A coot is an eccentric person, a hag is a mean woman.

What does abjectly mean?

1 : very bad or severe abject poverty. 2 : low in spirit, strength, or hope an abject coward. Other Words from abject. abjectly adverb He stared abjectly at his ruined home.

What is an old lady called?

Words Related to old lady. materfamilias, matriarch, matron.

What does old codger mean in Urban Dictionary?

An affectionate or playfully derisive term for a cantankerous, eccentric old man. My grandpa is such an old codger, but we all love his gruff ways. Farlex Dictionary of Idioms. © 2015 Farlex, Inc, all rights reserved.

What’s the difference between old coot and old codger?

Old codger, dating from the mid-1700s, may imply that he is testy or crusty, whereas old coot, from the mid-1800s, indicates he is silly or ignorant. As for an old fogy, he may be hidebound in tradition.

What’s the most recent example of a Codger?

Recent Examples on the Web Beyond the visual shock of St. Helen’s outburst and resultant devastation, my most vivid memory is that of an 83-year-old codger named Harry R. Truman. — oregonlive, 18 May 2020 But even this codger of a galaxy knows how to get glitzy for the holidays. — Katherine J. Wu, Smithsonian Magazine, 23 Dec. 2019

Why are falconers called Old Cadgers and Old Codgers?

A falconer, suitably dressed in mock-tudor doublet and hose, explained that the frame that was used to carry falcons to the field was called a cadge (probably a variant of cage). Frame carrying was said to be a job for elderly falconers, who came to be called ‘old cadgers’ and later, ‘old codgers’.

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