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How do I get from Kyoto to Koyasan?

How do I get from Kyoto to Koyasan?

To get from Kyoto to Mount Koya by train, you will need to take a JR train to Osaka and then travel by taxi or subway to Osaka’s Namba Station. From there, Nankai Railways’ Nankai Koya Line takes you to Hashimoto, where you must transfer to a local train headed to Gokurakubashi Station.

How far is Mount Koya from Tokyo?

You can also drive from Tokyo to Mount Koya. It will take about six hours to drive to Mount Koya via the Tomei/E1, Shin-Tomei/E1A, and Higashi-Meihan/E23 Expressways, the Meihan National Highway/E25, the Keinawa Expressway/E24, and National Routes, 55, and 371.

What city is Mount Koya in?

Wakayama Prefecture
Mount Kōya

UNESCO World Heritage Site
Danjogaran, the central point of Mount Kōya
Location Wakayama Prefecture, Japan
Part of Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range
Criteria Cultural: ii, iii, iv, vi

Where is Mount Koya in Japan?

Wakayama prefecture
Kōya, Mount, Japanese Kōya-san, sacred mountain in west-central Honshu, Japan, most notable for its association with Kūkai (774–835), the founder of Shingon, an esoteric sect of Japanese Buddhism. It is located in the northeastern corner of present-day Wakayama prefecture, on the mountainous spine of the Kii Peninsula.

How do I get to Mount Koya?

Koyasan is most conveniently accessed by Nankai Railways from Osaka’s Namba or Shin-Imamiya Stations. Take the Nankai Koya Line from either station to the Gokurakubashi terminal station. A few limited express trains operate directly to Gokurakubashi (80 minutes, 1680 yen, five trains per day).

What is a shukubo in Japan?

The Japanese word shukubo literally means “sleeping with the monks.” Shukubo is an accommodation experience in which the traveler lodges within a Buddhist temple. Buddhist and Shinto influences can be seen in Japan’s architecture, tradition, and the religious rituals practiced by adherents.

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