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What happened to the lead singer of morphine?

What happened to the lead singer of morphine?

Mark Sandman, the leader of the idiosyncratic Boston rock trio Morphine, died on Saturday during a performance at the Giardini del Principe in Palestrina, near Rome. He was 47. The cause was a heart attack, according to The Associated Press.

Can you play bass with a slide?

Sliding is a common technique in bass playing and it’s not that tricky once you know how. But there are a few essential tips worth looking at if you’re to master slides without getting a load of scuffed messy noise!

Does a baritone have a reed?

The baritone saxophone uses a single reed mouthpiece like that of a clarinet.

What is an 808 slide?

More videos on YouTube 808’s are a go-to sub-frequency & bass instrument for a lot of producers & beat makers. The 808 kick is on countless records & one of the most popular techniques with 808’s are performing slides & glides with them.

Who are the members of the band Morphine?

Morphine was an American alternative rock group formed by Mark Sandman, Dana Colley, and Jerome Deupree in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1989.

What was the first song that Morphine released?

The album featured the single “Honey White,” the music video for which appeared on the MTV animated series Beavis and Butt-head. It also included “I Had My Chance,” which was featured on the soundtrack for the film Get Shorty .

What kind of Sax does morphine play?

Addictive, offbeat, and totally original indie rockers from Boston, driven by a blistering baritone sax rather than guitars.

When did morphine by Mark Sandman come out?

In 2004, Hi-n-Dry released the Mark Sandman box set Sandbox, which contained two CDs and a DVD of previously unreleased material spanning Sandman’s musical career. The DVD featured clips from early Sandman shows, interviews from the Morphine tours, and various videos from other Sandman solo and group projects, such as Treat Her Right.

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