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How long is a Steinberger guitar?

How long is a Steinberger guitar?

At only 30.25” long, its ergonomic design makes it easy to take anywhere including overhead airline compartments. And thanks to its headless construction and 3-pc Hard Maple neck, the GT-PRO isn’t as sensitive to temperature changes as typical guitars, which makes it virtually indestructible!

How much does a Steinberger guitar weigh?

The Steinberger Spirit GT-PRO Deluxe has a thru-neck design that is a 3-piece hard maple neck and Rosewood fingerboard. The body wings and top is Maple and the scale length is 25.5″….Product information.

Item Weight 9.1 pounds
Top Material Rose Wood
Neck Material Type Maple
Number of Strings 6
Guitar Bridge System Fixed

Where are Steinberger guitars made?

The ‘7’ configuration (humbucker-single-humbucker) is made available on the GL and GM guitars. Steinberger relocates to Nashville, TN, where Steinberger designs are still made today.

What kind of body does Steinberger GT Pro Deluxe have?

Steinberger presents the new GT-PRO Deluxe Outfit, the Ultimate Travel Guitar™ featuring the revolutionary Steinberger body design in Black, Frost Blue, Hot Rod Red, Hot Rod Yellow, White, and Yin Yang Gloss finishes.

What kind of tuning system does Steinberger electric guitar use?

Steinberger—home of the Ultimate Travel Guitar™ presents the new Spirit Collection of electric guitars and basses. Featuring the legendary Steinberger lightweight headless design, patented 40:1 Ratio Direct-Pull tuning system, patented locking R-Trem™ tremolo systems, a deluxe gigbag, Steinberger pickups, and beautiful color finishes.

What is the fret width of a Steinberger GT Pro?

With no headstock, the GT-PRO has a Zero Nut Fret with a width of 1.625 that moves up to 2.04” at the 12th fret as the neck subtly widens to 0.42” string spacing at the bridge. The bridge has steel saddles with Steinberger’s patented R-Trem™ Locking Tremolo and 40:1 Ratio Direct-Pull tuning systems.

What kind of bass is in Steinberger Spirit Collection?

The Steinberger Spirit Collection features the GT-PRO and “Quilt Top” Deluxe 6-string Outfits, the XT-2 Standard 4-string Bass Outfit, the XT-2DB 4-string bass with DB-Tuner™, and the 5-string XT-25 Standard and Quilt Top Standard Outfits. Each instrument is also available as a left-handed model.

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