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What is a commissar and what is his duty?

What is a commissar and what is his duty?

In the military, a political commissar or political officer (or politruk, a portmanteau word from Russian: политический руководитель, pronounced politicheskiy rukovoditel, translated “political leader”, “political official”) is a supervisory officer responsible for the political education (ideology) and organization of …

What does a commissar do?

the head of any of the major governmental divisions of the U.S.S.R. : called minister since 1946. an official in any communist government whose duties include political indoctrination, detection of political deviation, etc.

What was a Soviet commissar?

The deeply ideological nature of the Germans’ fight against the Soviet Union was reflected in the “Commissar Order” issued by the German Armed Forced High Command on June 6, 1941. Political commissars were Soviet Communist Party officials who oversaw its military units and reported directly to party leaders.

What’s the definition of commissar?

1a : a Communist party official assigned to a military unit to teach party principles and policies and to ensure party loyalty. b : one that attempts to control public opinion or its expression. 2 : the head of a government department in the U.S.S.R. until 1946.

Is commissar a rank?

Commissar – Commissar is the standard rank of these political officers, at least one being assigned per regiment of the Imperial Guard or voidship of the Imperial Navy.

What rank was a commissar?

In the Red Army, a political commissar was a high-ranking functionary at a military headquarters who held coequal rank and authority with the military commander of the unit. The Bolshevik Party established political commissars in 1918 to control and improve morale in the military forces.

Where does the word commissar come from?

in a Russian context, “representative appointed by a soviet and responsible for political indoctrination,” 1918, from Russian komissar, from German Kommissar “commissioner,” from French commissaire, ultimately from Medieval Latin commissarius (see commissary).

What you mean by Soviet?

1 : an elected governmental council in a Communist country. 2 Soviets plural. a : bolsheviks. b : the people and especially the political and military leaders of the U.S.S.R. Soviet.

Do Catachan have commissars?

Catachan regiments generally lack Commissars. The hardy Ogryns – who may well have evolved on Catachan themselves – commonly fight in Catachan regiments, indeed, due to their heavily developed physiques, normal human Catachans are sometimes referred to as “Baby Ogryns”.

What was a Soviet answer?

Detailed Answer….:-Soviet” means “Council”. It refers to “councils of workers and peasants (or soldiers)”, which started organizing in cities and villages in the early twentieth century in close cooperation with Russian Communist organizations. …

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