Did John Farnham ever sing with The Little River Band?

Did John Farnham ever sing with The Little River Band?

He enjoyed worldwide success through the late 1970s and early ’80s as the lead singer of Little River Band, but fans were left shocked in 1982 when Glenn Shorrock was suddenly ousted from the band to be replaced by hit singer John Farnham.

Is John Farnham in Little River Band?

Farnham, who had been inducted in 2003 for his solo work, was not inducted in 2004 with Little River Band.

When was John Farnham in the Little River Band?

His career has mostly been as a solo artist, although he replaced Glenn Shorrock as lead singer of Little River Band from 1982 to 1985. In September 1986, his solo single “You’re the Voice” peaked at No. 1 on the Australian singles charts.

Why did Farnham leave LRB?

After four years of giving it his ‘best shot’, with a total of nine singles and three albums, John decided to leave LRB and to again try his luck as a solo performer. His years with LRB had given him valuable exposure and experience he could not have gained without them.

What happened to the lead singer of Little River Band?

Although Housden has retired from touring, LRB continues to perform to sold out audiences, and Stephen continues to write and participate in all things Little River Band. In 2004 LRB was inducted into the Australian Recording Industry Association Hall of Fame at the 18th Annual ARIA Music Awards.

Are there any original members in the Little River Band?

Little River Band (LRB) is an Australian soft rock band from Melbourne, Victoria. Formed in March 1975, the group originally featured lead vocalist Glenn Shorrock, guitarists and vocalists Beeb Birtles and Graeham Goble, lead guitarist Ric Formosa, bassist Roger McLachlan, and drummer Derek Pellicci.

What has happened to John Farnham?

He suffered a severe health scare earlier this year that forced him to cancel several shows. Now John Farnham has opened up about the ordeal. Speaking to the Herald Sun, the iconic Australian singer who recently turned 70, spoke candidly about the incident. “I had a severe kidney infection, I was very dehydrated.”

Who is lead singer of Little River Band?

Wayne Nelson
Glenn ShorrockSteve Wade
Little River Band/Lead singers

Since its formation, the band has been through numerous lineup changes and currently includes bassist and lead vocalist Wayne Nelson (from 1980 to 1996, and since 1999), keyboardist and vocalist Chris Marion (since 2004), guitarist and vocalist Rich Herring (since 2006), drummer and vocalist Ryan Ricks (since 2012).

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