What episode of Suite Life of Zack and Cody does London go broke?

What episode of Suite Life of Zack and Cody does London go broke?

Poor Little Rich Girl
“Poor Little Rich Girl” is the 13th episode of the first season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. As a result of London’s father going broke, the bank has to seize all of the Tiptons’ assets, notably including London’s clothes, pictures, and so on.

Is London Tipton actually smart?

As stated earlier, London is not very intelligent. She is confused with many things, and is tricked by many characters such as Maddie and Nia. Esteban and Maddie once tricked her into doing many stupid things by changing her horoscope.

What did London get Maddie for Secret Santa?

Maddie is hoping for an expensive, fancy gift from London because she’s rich and spendy. Yet with the advice from Mr. Moseby, she gives Maddie a badly hand-knit sweater and tells Maddie that she is making the gift rather than buying. The sweater has multiple arm-holes and no neck.

What episode did Moseby lose voice?

Smart & Smarterer
Moseby loses his voice….

Smart & Smarterer
Season: 1
Episode: 18 (season) 18 (series)
Production Code: 125
Guest Stars: Charlie Stewart as Bob Ernie Grunwald as Mr. Forgess

Why is London so mean in Suite Life?

She can be very critical and often makes fun of Maddie or Bailey. But this greed and selfishness was the result of the lack of a true parent, on London’s seventh Christmas, her father failed to show up at the Hotel Tipton after his promise to her to appear. This failure to appear at the hotel made London change from her nicer self to a meaner side.

Where did London Tipton go at the end of Suite Life?

Also at the end of The Suite Life Sets Sail, she escaped from the S.S. Tipton and went to the Parrot Island. Also, in one of her show episodes, Stupid Sea School, she said she was angry with her father only for putting her in the ship. !

What was the 3rd episode of Suite Life on deck?

” Broke ‘N’ Yo-Yo ” is the 3rd episode of the first season of The Suite Life on Deck. After Zack maxes out his and Cody ‘s student cash cards on frivolous partying, both brothers have to work on the S.S. Tipton to pay for their expenses at sea.

Who are the main characters in Suite Life?

London Leah Tipton is one of the main characters of The Suite Life series. She is the only daughter of Wilfred Tipton, the owner of The Tipton Industries. London is good friends with Maddie, Bailey, Zack, Marcus, Cody, Woody, Maya, Corrie, Francesca, Chelsea, Max, Tiffany Raven and Melanie.

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