Did Alison Victoria sell the Delaware House?

Did Alison Victoria sell the Delaware House?

The Delaware property — next door to the 875 North Michigan Avenue Building (formerly the John Hancock Building) where Victoria says she lived as a child on the 45th floor — is still for sale by the end of the episode, with a staggering $752,000 renovation price tag that was only about $23,000 less than the two paid …

Is Alison Victoria still married?

Alison is married to Luke Harding, and the two have a daughter.

Did Donovan steal money from Alison?

Not really. Chicago contractor Donovan Eckhardt is suing the production company and network responsible for the hit reality TV show “Windy City Rehab,” claiming in a defamation lawsuit filed Monday that the show falsely scripted him as an untrustworthy “villain” who stole money.

Did Allison Victoria sell the Berenice House?

In October, a home at 1635 W. Pierce St., featured in an episode from the first season that aired in February of 2019, finally sold to a buyer in October for $1,231,500 — hundreds of thousands less than developers wanted.

Did Allison Victoria sell the house in Bucktown?

Alison Victoria Gramenos pulled the listing last year amid a fraud suit brought by former clients. The host of “Windy City Rehab” is relisting her Bucktown home after it was briefly part of a legal battle tied to the television show. The home has five bedrooms, an outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven and a two-car garage.

Do Alison and Donovan still work together?

During the latest episode of Windy City Rehab, Alison Victoria officially cut ties with business partner Donovan Eckhardt. The decision to end the partnership comes after Victoria discovered that Eckhardt had been withdrawing money from their shared business account and putting it towards his personal companies.

Are Allison and Mike a couple?

Alison has been married to insurance agency owner Luke Harding for several years, having exchanged vows with him in 2013. She met him online in 2011, before dating him for some time. Mike refers to Anna Zappia as his wife, who he has been with since the 1990s, and is thought to have helped him rebuild his career.

Why did Donovan lose his license?

The decision strips stars Alison Gramenos and Donovan Eckhardt of their building privileges in Chicago. According to buildings department records, “Windy City Rehab” projects violated city code by: Working without permits at 11 different properties.

Did Augusta sell windy rehab?

An East Ukrainian Village apartment building that was called a “nightmare” before it was renovated on the HGTV show “Windy City Rehab” sold days ago for $1.375 million, online records show. The building, at 1815 W. Augusta Blvd., was listed in August 2020 for $1.5 million.

Is Windy City Rehab renewed for 2021?

HGTV did not keep fans waiting long to find out if Windy City Rehab would return. In a February 2021 press release, the network confirmed the show would be returning with nine one-hour episodes, but it’s not a conventional new season.

Did Hoyne house sell on Windy City Rehab?

Giddings St.; 1906 N. Hoyne Ave.; and 1635 W. Pierce Ave. All of those properties have been renovated and sold, except for the two units on Pierce Avenue in Wicker Park.

Is Windy City Rehab staged?

In the lawsuit filed in Illinois’s Cook County Circuit Court Monday, Eckhardt, the contractor and developer on the show, explains his side of the story. He claims that the series was scripted and edited to make him look like the bad guy, and Gramenos the victim. Eckhardt left Windy City Rehab in the middle of Season 2.

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