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How do you upgrade the ice staff?

How do you upgrade the ice staff?

To upgrade the ice staff, you must place the staff inside a blue pedestal located in the Crazy Place. Head over to the blue pedestal, then place your ice staff on top of the pedestal. The ice staff will hover and float above the pedestal. Use a gun to slaughter as many zombies as possible in the Crazy Place.

Where do you build the ice staff?

One part can be found in the starting area (from spawn to workshop, on either side), one in the middle area of the map and one near church. The blue record can be found near Generator 2, inside the tank station on one of the shelves.

Where is the crazy place for the ice staff?

Where do you upgrade the staff of ice?

The Staff of Ice can be upgraded to an enhanced weapon called Ull’s Arrow, which functions similarly to the ice staff but has a wider range and stronger impact. The ice staff can be upgraded by completing a series of in-game tasks located in the Crazy Place and near the Excavation Site.

How to upgrade Ice staff in Black Ops 2 origins?

“Black Ops 2 Origins” How To Upgrade Ice Staff! “HOW TO” (BO2 Zombies) – YouTube “Black Ops 2 Origins” How To Upgrade Ice Staff! “HOW TO” (BO2 Zombies) If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV’s watch history and influence TV recommendations.

What can you do with staff of ice in origins?

Create a blizzard that lasts 10 seconds. The Staff of Ice is a powerful weapon in Origins that uses the Ice element. It can be upgraded by following several steps. Once upgraded, it becomes Ull’s Arrow, an extremely powerful weapon that can freeze hordes of zombies.

What does the staff of ice do in Call of Duty?

The Staff of Ice (called the Staff of Water in the game’s files) is one of four buildable elemental staffs in the map Origins . The Staff of Ice shoots blasts of ice when fired, and similarly to the Winter’s Howl, will slow down zombies, eventually freezing them and cracking them apart.

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