What exit is Macon GA?

What exit is Macon GA?

Macon, Georgia — Interstate 75 (Exit 171) at US Highway 87 (Riverside Drive); convenient location with easy interstate access and frontage.

What exit is Jonesboro?

I-85 Exit 64: Jonesboro Rd.

What are the exit numbers on I-75 in Florida?

Interstate Exit Numbers for I-75

Traveling on I-75 Old Number Intersecting Roadway
North South 62 CR 476
North South 63 SR 48
North South 64 CR 470
South 65 Florida’s Turnpike

What exit is 75 Tampa?

Exit 270
I-75: Exit 270 / Bruce B Downs Blvd.

What is the last exit in Georgia on 95 North?

Port Wentworth
After that, the final exit in Georgia is in Port Wentworth, where it intersects SR 21 and SR 30, the major thoroughfare between Augusta and Savannah. I-95 leaves Georgia via twin bridges over the Savannah River, and heads north into South Carolina.

What exit is 285 on 75 South?

Interstate 285 (I-285) is an Interstate Highway loop encircling Atlanta, Georgia, for 63.98 miles (102.97 km)….Exit list.

mi 19.86
km 31.96
Old exit 14
New exit 20
Destinations I-75 (SR 401) – Atlanta, Chattanooga

What exit is Stockbridge Ga?

Exit 224 – Stockbridge, GA.

What exit is Jonesboro Road McDonough GA?

exit 221
I-75 South, exit 221/ Jonesboro Rd. travel East towards the McDonough square. Go 3.2 miles.

What is Exit 160 off I-75?

Exit 160 – M-84; Saginaw Rd – Interstate I-75 Southbound in Michigan – iExit.

How long is I-75 in Florida?

470.8 mi
Interstate 75 in Florida/Length

How long is I 75 in Georgia?

1,786 mi
Interstate 75/Length

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