What is an Army DA 6?

What is an Army DA 6?

DA Form 6, Duty Roster, is a form used to record the duties performed by individuals across all Army organizations. Its main purpose is to maintain an equitable determination of duty assignments. Different duties require filling out separate copies of the form.

What army regulation covers duty rosters?

a. This regulation prescribes procedures for the maintenance of duty rosters at all levels of command and in all types of organizations, using DA Form 6 (Duty Roster).

What is DA Form 647?

DA Form 647, Personnel Register, is a source document for the Electronic Military Personnel Office (eMILPO) which is used for documenting personnel movements within units when performing a permanent change of the station (PCS) or carrying out temporary duty. All foreigners must use DA Form 647-1, Personnel Register.

What is a duty roster?

What is a duty roster? A duty roster (also commonly called a rota) is a way to divide time into various tasks. These can then be allocated to individuals. It often takes the form of a calendar-like table, which is split into days of the week and individual times on the two axis.

What army regulation covers 24 hour duty?

The Army never closes. Active duty Soldiers serve in the Army full time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Being on active duty is similar to working a full-time job. See chapter 11-7 and 11-9 of Army Regulation 385-10 for training requirements. …

What is a Perstempo event?

Non-Deployment (non-creditable event) is an event that is similar to a deployment except that the Soldier unavailable due to being in school, on leave, confined, AWOL, or is hospitalized on his current duty station. Non-Creditable PERSTEMPO events do not count towards high deployment per diem.

How do you use a duty roster?

9 Tips for Creating a Staff Roster That is Good for Business

  1. Plan the roster before adding individual names.
  2. Share schedule options with the entire staff.
  3. Fill busy shifts with the most experienced and skilled staff.
  4. Automatically handle availability and time-off requests online.

Why do you need a duty roster?

Duty rosters are for managers who need to avoid over-shift scheduling. This type of roster is used to avoid scheduling more employees than is needed on the same shift to do the same things. This kind of planning needs historical data from workforce management software that helps management identify trends.

Can you sleep on staff duty Army?

Suggested guide for Staff Duty or CQ Delayed reporting to duty allows personnel to sleep-in and attend to personal matters before duty starts.

Can NCOs curse at soldiers?

Technically swearing is prohibited in the military. Article 134 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice prohibits “indecent language” or that which can offend a person’s decency, modesty, or propriety or is morally shocking because of its filthy, vulgar, or disgusting nature or tendency to create lustful thoughts.

What is Itempo?

The term ITEMPO means the amount of time Sailors are engaged in their official duties at a location, or under circumstances that make it infeasible for them to spend off-duty time in their residence. These absences are defined in ITEMPO as deployment events and non-deployment events.

How long is Army dwell time?

Dwell time for combat and operational deployments of 12 months or longer is at least 12 months. You cannot be redeployed within 12 months without a written waiver signed by a general officer. For example, you are deployed for 15 consecutive months.

Which is the best duty roster software for DA Form 6?

Published by First Shirt Software, AutoDutyPRO is a software program for your PC. It is the most complete and comprehensive duty roster system available for managing the entire DA Form 6 process, from assigning personnel to re-calculating a changed roster.

What is the purpose of Army DA 6?

I am trying to build an automated version of the Department of the Army Form 6 (aka DA 6). The purpose of the form is to track who is on duty and when. What I am trying to do is set up an excel workbook so that it will automatically choose who is on duty next based on the last time he/she had the assigned duty.

Do you need to download DA Form 6?

You must download the form first in order to edit it. You will also need a PDF reader to view and edit DA Form 6.

How to register with the army publishing Directorate?

Record Details Pub/Form Number DA FORM 6 Pub/Form Date 07/01/1974 Pub/Form Title DUTY ROSTER Unit Of Issue (s) PDF Pub/Form IDN 990001

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