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What is a 58 degree wedge used for?

What is a 58 degree wedge used for?

What Is A 58 Degree Wedge Used For? A 58-degree wedge is considered a lob wedge and is mostly used for lobbing the ball high up in the air. This wedge can also be used out of the bunker and for chips on a downhill lie. For most golfers, a 58-degree wedge is the highest lofted club they should use.

What is a 54 degree wedge used for?

A 54-degree wedge is considered a sand wedge and is used around the green and out of bunkers. A 54-degree wedge is ideal for golfers who have a 58-degree lob wedge and another wedge close to 50 degrees. Pretty much all golfers have a pitching wedge and a wedge between 56 and 58 degrees.

Is a 58 degree wedge good?

A wedge designed with 58 degrees of loft is a really good choice for playing on firm courses with tight lies. Your 58-degree wedge will come in handy for shots around the green and those within 86 yards of the flag stick.

How far will a 54 degree wedge go?

A 54 degree wedge covers a distance between 80 to 110 yards. Amateurs can cover a distance of 70 yards with their 54° while professionals can play a long distance of over 100 yards. The range covered by professionals can be anywhere between 105 to 120 yards.

How far does the average golfer hit a 58 degree wedge?

What is the Average 58 Degree Wedge Distance? In our article on golf club distances, I noted that the average lob wedge distance is 65 yards for men. And 60 yards for women. However, the longer hitters in the men’s game can hit a 58-degree wedge 85 yards, while the longer ladies can send it up to 80 yards on average.

Is a 54 degree sand wedge good?

A 50 degree wedge is ideal for golfers who play on tight lies, thin bunker or tight and compacted sand, as well as fairway shots. On the other hand, a 54 degree wedge is for those who play in soft and normal conditions or golfers who tend to create shallow divots.

Is a sand wedge 54 or 56?

Just because a club is called a sand wedge by the manufacturer, don’t automatically assume they all have the same loft. Some manufacturers will set their sand wedge loft at 54 degrees with other brands setting the loft at 56 degrees. This is important because some golfers will require more loft than others.

What is the angle of a wedge?

Most golf wedges are between 35” and 36” depending on your height and swing dynamics. They are at the same lie angle throughout the set, usually around 64 degrees, or custom fitted for your own custom.

What is the degree of a sand wedge?

Typically, sand wedges have lots from 52 to 56 degrees. As lofts on irons have decreased over time (e.g., a 5-iron today might be lofted at 26 degrees, whereas 30 years ago a 5-iron would have been lofted at 32 degrees), it has become more popular to carry additional wedges.

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