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What are all the transformations in Winx Club?

What are all the transformations in Winx Club?

There is a total of 9 transformations (Magic Winx, Enchantix, Believix, Harmonix, Sirenix, Bloomix, Mythix, Butterflix, Tynix), 2 sub-transformations (Sophix and Lovix) and 4 additions to transformations (Charmix, Speedix, Zoomix and Tracix) in the series.

What power does Stella have in Winx?

Stella is the outgoing and spontaneous Fairy of the Shining Sun. She is from Solaria. She has long, blonde hair, and her powers involve manipulating light and using energy from the sun and moon.

What kind of fairy is Stella in Winx?

Stella is a light fairy with a passion for fashion. She’s a second-year student at Alfea and, NBD, is also the princess of Solaria, one of the realms of the magical Otherworld.

What is the most powerful fairy form?

The Pokemon Company Diancie has an incredibly high Defense stat. Gen VI’s Mythical creature Diancie is one of the strongest Fairy-type Pokemon in the series, falling only behind Xerneas and Zacian when it comes to total base stats, where it racks up a total of 600.

Who is the richest fairy in Winx Club?

Cherie is a pixie from PopPixie and Winx Club. She is the richest Pixie in Pixieville who lives in a villa: Villa Ollivander. Lulu, her personal assistant, accompanies Cherie everywhere.

What is the last Winx transformation?

The final form of transformation for fairies, but Miss Faragonda tells the girls there is an infinite number of higher level fairy forms, which can be earned by fairies who’s already earned their Enchantix form.

How long does it take for Stella’s Winx transformation?

Stella’s Winx transformation lasts for sixteen seconds. First, Stella appears on a green background. She crosses her wrists and dances to one side, then flies toward the background. She strikes a pose, then there is a blinding flash of light. The camera cuts to her legs, where, one by one, her boots are formed out of light.

How did the Winx Club get their Believix transformation?

The Winx Club earned their Believix transformation when they tried to make the people of Earth to believe in fairies and magic again. Also, the more people believing in the Winx, the stronger and the more powers they gain. The fairies outfits are more casual-themed in the main form, than their other forms.

Who is Stella from the Winx Club scared of?

Stella is typically seen with Bloom and Flora more than any of the other girls. Stella and Bloom are also the only characters who remain relatively unchanged when comparing concept designs. Ironically, Stella is acrophobic (scared of heights), despite the fact that she typically flies around with ease in her various transformations.

When does the second season of the Winx Club start?

A second transformation and is introduced in the second season. It magnifies a fairy’s powers and spells, which makes them a lot stronger and they can cast a more powerful spell than in their Winx form.

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