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What does SNH48 stand for?

What does SNH48 stand for?

SNH48, February 2019. SNH48 (Short for Shanghai48) is a Chinese Idol Group and was formerly the 2nd international sister group of AKB48.

Who owns SNH48?

There are over 200 female members across SNH48 and all its sister groups including BEJ48, GNZ48, SHY48, CKG48 and IDOLS Ft. The group is owned by Chinese companies NineStyle and Star48. Established in 2012, it has become independent from AKB48’s groups in 2016.

How many members are there in SNH48?

SNH48 is a Chinese idol girl group formed in 2012. As of August 21, 2021, the group consists of 82 regular members, divided into several teams: Team SII with 21 members, Team NII with 22 members, Team HII with 20 members and Team X with 19 members.

How was SNH48 formed?

Evidence pointed towards a member of her fanclub, who poured oil over her during an argument. SNH48 began its move towards originality by placing more emphasis on original material, starting from the release of their 11th EP, Engine of Youth (源动力) on March 25. On March 26, they announced the first batch of 11 sixth- …

Who is the youngest in SNH48?

SNH48 Today on Twitter: “At a reported age of 14, Qu ChenYu of Team X (14th generation) is presently the youngest member of #SNH48”

Why did SNH48 leave AKB48?

In 2016, SNH48 was expelled from AKB48’s charter due to a breach of contract. However, the group is not willing to give up on the Chinese market yet. Later that year, the group announced its new plans for China, the current AKB48 Team SH.

How popular is SNH48?

One group skyrocketing in popularity in the absence of K-pop “idols” is SNH48, a Shanghai-based girl band that has a rotating cast of members—somewhere around 220, depending how you count the generations—and just raised more than $150 million from investors last month.

What is Star Palace SNH48?

In combination with members’ individual popularity and multi-aspect development potential, members of celebrity artists who reach the level of “popular idol” and social influence will be promoted to the SNH48 Group Star Palace, members promoted to the SNH48 Group Star Palace will perform their activities in their own …

How old are the members of SNH48?

SNH48 is a Chinese idol girl group based in Shanghai. Following AKB48’s creator Yasushi Akimoto’s concept of “idols you can meet”, the group features dozens of female members around the age of 20, who perform regularly in the group’s own theater and interact with fans predominantly via handshake events.

Where is the Chinese girl group SNH48 located?

Not to be confused with AKB48 Team SH. SNH48 is a Chinese idol girl group based in Shanghai.

When did SNH48 release their fifth music video?

It would reopen on September 5, with a special stage by the Top 16 of 2014. During this stage, most third-generation members were allocated to Team HII, with some allocated to Team SII and Team NII. On October 12, they released their fifth EP, UZA. Its music video was shot in South Korea.

Which is the best English source for SNH48?

The No.1 English source for SNH48 Group news and commentary delivered around the world by fans for fans. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

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