How many endings are in Star Ocean First Departure?

How many endings are in Star Ocean First Departure?

There are seven endings.

How many endings does Star Ocean have?

86 possible
There are 86 possible endings (or 87, depending on how one wants to count them).

Is Star Ocean First Departure turn based?

Combat: Star Ocean: First Departure R plays like JRPG with a twist: it foregoes turn-based combat for real-time battle sequences. This is not an active based system like we have seen in other titles of its time, this is live combat.

What is the max level in Star Ocean First Departure?

In Star Ocean: Anamnesis, a character’s max level is determined by their rarity (level 40 is the maximum capacity at 3★, level 50 at 4★, level 60 at 5★, and level 70 at 6★).

What order should I play Star Ocean?


  1. Star Ocean (1996)
  2. Star Ocean: The Second Story (1999)
  3. Star Ocean: Blue Sphere (2001)
  4. Star Ocean: Till the End of Time (2003)
  5. Star Ocean: First Departure (2007)
  6. Star Ocean: Second Evolution (2008)
  7. Star Ocean: The Last Hope (2009)
  8. Star Ocean: Material Trader (2013–2014)

What’s the newest Star Ocean game?

Star Ocean: Anamnesis
Star Ocean is a franchise of action role-playing video games developed by the Japanese company tri-Ace and published and owned by Square Enix (formerly Enix)….

Star Ocean
First release Star Ocean July 19, 1996
Latest release Star Ocean: Anamnesis December 7, 2016

How do you make Philosopher’s Stone Star Ocean First Departure?

Get 20 Irons (buy from Item shops). Use your mage (the one for which you raised Alchemy to level 10) and go to Skills -> Item Creation -> Alchemy -> Philosopher’s Stone. Make as much as you can using required item (Playing Orchestra can help if you want to raise your chances of success).

How hard is Star Ocean First Departure R?

There were multiple difficulty options in the game, but they were only accessible if players downloaded a modified save file. First Departure R continues the trend of not having any difficulty levels, but the gameplay has been completely rebalanced in order to offer up more of a challenge.

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