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What are they doing to the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge?

What are they doing to the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge?

BEACON – Most of the work on the $101 million re-decking of the north span of the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge should be done in about a year. The project involves removing all of the decking down to the steel beams and replacing it in the single-most ambitious project in the history of the New York State Bridge Authority.

Who owns Newburgh-Beacon Bridge?

the New York State Bridge Authority
The bridges, owned by the New York State Bridge Authority, carry six lanes of traffic and approximately 65,000 vehicles per day.

How old is the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge?

11c. 2010
Newburgh-Beacon Bridge/Age

Is the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge cashless?

New: The Newburgh-Beacon Bridge has implemented cashless tolling as of Wednesday, July 7, 2021.

Is there construction on the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge?

While construction will continue for quite some time, the NYSBA did announce a major change to the Newburgh/Beacon Bridge that is expected to cut down on traffic congestion for eastbound travelers. Starting after the Fourth of July weekend, toll booths will stop taking cash on the Beacon side of the bridge.

Is the Newburgh Beacon Bridge cashless?

Is Newburgh-Beacon Bridge cashless?

BEACON – Cashless tolling begins on the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge on Wednesday, July 7. Motorists will be able to drive under the gantries non-stop while overhead censors will capture either their E-ZPass ID number or their license plate.

What type of bridge is the Newburgh Beacon?

Cantilever bridge
Continuous truss bridge
Newburgh-Beacon Bridge/Bridge type

Does Newburgh-Beacon Bridge take cash?

Cashless tolling will be fully implemented on the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge on midnight Wednesday, Gov. “With the installation of cashless tolling at Newburgh-Beacon Bridge, we are making travel across the Hudson River more seamless and tolling more cost-effective for all.”

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