Is HOI or HOBr a stronger acid?

Is HOI or HOBr a stronger acid?

(i) Which of the two acids is stronger, HOCl or HOBr ? Justify your answer in terms of Ka . HOCl is the stronger acid because its Ka value is greater than the Ka value of HOBr. HOI is a weaker acid than HOCl because the O–H bond in HOI is stronger than the O–H bond in HOCl.

Which is more acidic HOCl or HOBr or HOI?

Therefore, HOCl is the strongest acid and HOI is weakest, and acid strength decreases as the central halogen descends on the periodic table. The strength of the acid is determined by the central atom’s electronegativity relative to the surround atoms in the molecule.

Is HOBr a stronger acid?

The weaker the O–H bond, the stronger the acid. Cl is more electronegative than Br so HOCl is stronger acid than HOBr. In binary acids such as HBr and HCl, the H–Br bond is longer than the H–Cl bond as Br is larger than Cl. The H–Br bond is therefore weaker than the H–Cl bond and HBr is thus a stronger acid than HCl.

Which is more acidic HClO4 or HIO4?

[Hint : HClO4 is more acidic than HIO4. Because Cl is more electronegative than Br due to which ClO3 group have more tendency to withdraw electrons ofO – H bond towards itself as compared to BrO3 group.]

Which is stronger acid HF or HCl?

You are correct, HCl is a stronger acid than HF. Fluorine is both more electronegative and smaller than chlorine. Because fluorine is more electronegative, the bond between it and the hydrogen is more polar, meaning that the proton would need to overcome a larger coulomb force to separate from the fluorine.

Why is Hoi HOCl acidic?

HOCl is a stronger acid than HOI because the Cl is far more electronegative than the I in their respective acids. The more electronegative a molecule is, the less electron density around the H, making it easier for the H to be donated to another molecule.

Which is stronger acid HCl or HI?

HI has longer bond than HCl, making its bond weaker. Therefore it is easier for HI to lose H+, making it a stronger acid.

Is HBr more acidic than HI?

The strength of acidic character in halogen acids increases form HF to HI down the group, due to decrease in bond energy down the group (↓). Acidic strength is as follows: HI>HBr>HCI>HF.

Is oxygen more acidic than sulfur?

The thiol is more acidic because the sulfur atom is larger than the oxygen atom. This has two effects. (1) it makes the S-H bond longer and weaker than the O-H bond and so favours loss of H+.

Is fluorine more acidic than chlorine?

According to organic chemistry as a second language the molecule to the right with fluorine is more acidic than the molecule with chlorine.

Is HIO stronger than HClO4?

Neither HClO4 or HCO3 is the weakest. When comparing HClO, HBrO, and HIO, the rule for oxoacids is that have the same number of oxygens and hydrogens but different elements (Cl vs Br vs I), is that the compound with the most electronegative element is the stronger acid.

Which is the strongest acid among HOCl, HOBr, and Hoi?

HOCl has the greatest extent of back bonding, hence oxygen back bonds with Cl, creating a partial positive change on oxygen hence it (oxygen) takes/snatches away electrons of the acidic H, thus releasing the H+ ion.

Which is the correct order of Hof, HOCl, and Hoi?

1.HOF, HOCl, HOBr, HOI 2.Cs2O, K2O, TiO, FeO, CO2arrange them in order of increasing acidic strength – Brainly.in Acidity of Oxy acid (HOCl, HOBr, and HOI) depends on the polarity of the bond.

How is the bond strength of an oxoacid determined?

All oxoacids have the acidic hydrogen bound to an oxygen atom, so bond strength (length) is not a factor, similar to binary nonmetal acids; instead, the main determining factor for an oxacid’s relative strength has to do with the central atom’s electronegativity (X), as well as the number of O atoms around that central atom.

How is acidity measured in HClO3 and HBrO3?

Acidity can be measured as the easy of releasing a proton (H+) unit. Comparing HClo3 and HBrO3 there are 3 oxygen atoms bound to the central halogen in each case causing a shift of electrons from the halogens to the oxygen.

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