What are Splash Damage working on?

What are Splash Damage working on?

Since then, they have worked on Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer and the Gears of War franchises, along with their own creations like Dirty Bomb—the hit, independent free-to-play shooter on Steam.

Who owns Splash Damage?

Radius Maxima Limited
Splash Damage/Parent organizations

Where is Splash Damage located?

London Borough of Bromley
Splash Damage is located just minutes from Bromley South and Bromley North railway stations, in the London Borough of Bromley. With some 300,000 residents, Bromley is London’s largest borough.

Is Splash Damage good?

Splash damage is most effective versus large groups of weak units. Some attacks with splash damage may damage friendly units as well.

How much is splash damage worth?

I’ve now sold Splash Damage in a deal worth up to $160m, and although I’m staying on as CEO until at least 2020, I’ve decided to dedicate some of my time to helping similarly underprivileged kids escape poverty.

Does Microsoft own splash damage?

The studio is best known as the creator of the Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars….Splash Damage.

Type Subsidiary
Owner Independent (2001–2016) Leyou (2016–2020) Tencent (2020–present)
Number of employees 300
Parent Radius Maxima (2016–2020) Splash Damage Group Limited (2021-present)

Does the anarchy do splash damage?

Anarchy deals splash damage, but projectiles are not explosive.

What counts as Splash Damage in Borderlands 3?

I believe anything that you can shoot at the ground near someone’s foot, but not technically hitting them directly, that still damages them(so grenades, rocket launchers, telidor reloads, some Maliwan weapons, anything made, sponsored, or looked at by Tourge, ect) is splash damage.

Is Sandhawk splash damage?

Sand Hawk – Description Semi-Auto firing mode reduces horizontal spread. Orbs deal [weapon element] Splash Damage.

Did anarchy get nerfed?

Destiny 2 Season 15 Nerfs Anarchy While Bringing Back A Fan-Favorite Perk. Season 15 of Destiny 2 brings some big weapon changes as Anarchy gets nerfed into the ground. Bad news for fans of Anarchy, Destiny 2’s undisputed king of boss damage.

Do Novas count as Splash Damage?

Borderlands 3 Explosive damage is referred to as “kinetic” by the game and deals non-elemental splash damage.

Does radiation count as Splash Damage?

Yes. Radiation does count as splash damage according to the Borderlands wikia: “Radiation has been added as a replacement/adaptation of the explosive element from previous installments, which now finds itself as splash damage, rather than its own element.”

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