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What does code P1349 mean?

What does code P1349 mean?

variable valve timing system
OBD-II code P1349 indicates a problem with the variable valve timing system in your Toyota. From there, the VVT controller changes position between the cam and crankshaft. The code, P1349 is triggered when the valve timing isn’t changing from the current valve timing state, or when the valve timing is fixed.

Can you drive with a bad oil control valve?

If you push a vehicle with a bad oil control valve too far, you’re going to have to deal with more than just poor fuel economy and some decreased engine performance. You should, therefore, stop driving a car as soon as you suspect problems with an oil control valve and have it checked out by a professional.

Can a VVT solenoid cause a no start?

Hmm well to answer your question I don’t believe the vvt system is causing your problem I’ve had them run verry verry bad but not a start stall . Totally agree. Even vehicles with stuck solenoids or actuators will still start and idle with a little throttle work.

What is code P1354 mean?

Error Code P1354 is defined as Variable Valve Timing System Malfunction Bank 2. It causes the engine to idle rough and underpowered. This error code is a manufacturer-specific trouble code, meaning it does not apply to all vehicles makes. Rather, it applies only to specific vehicle makes, such as Toyota.

Can you drive with a bad VCT solenoid?

But the truth is that you shouldn’t ever drive around with a bad VCT solenoid in your vehicle. It could prove to be catastrophic in some cases if you’re not careful. You might get lucky and be able to drive around in a vehicle with a bad VCT solenoid for a little while.

What happens when oil control valve goes bad?

But with a faulty oil control valve or VVT solenoid, excess engine oil may be introduced into the VVT system which can result in rough idling, stalling, or just poor engine running in general.

What does a bad VCT solenoid do?

A malfunctioning VCT solenoid can cause the engine to begin idling rough, especially if the engine RPM starts to fluctuate as the system is beginning. If this issue does not check quickly, additional parts of the engine can wear out prematurely and cause more parts to break down quicker.

What does the engine variable timing solenoid do?

The variable valve timing solenoid is a component of the variable valve timing system that manages the oil flow depending on the engine speed and load. A VVT solenoid in good working condition improves performance and fuel efficiency.

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