Is there an issue with LastPass?

Is there an issue with LastPass?

At this time no service issues have been identified. We are actively investigating reports that some LastPass customers may be experiencing issues and receiving errors when attempting to log in and retrieve their vaults. Our engineers are working to resolve the issue and we apologize for any frustration.

Why isn’t my LastPass extension working?

If the extension has been corrupted To resolve this issue, you will need to uninstall your current version of the LastPass web browser extension, then reinstall. Remove the LastPass extension from your web browser’s extensions list, then add it back again from the extension store: Chrome instructions.

What are the weaknesses of LastPass?

Cons of LastPass

  • No easy way to import databases.
  • Unable to login to LastPass to access passwords.
  • Live support is nowhere to be found.

Why is LastPass slow?

The LastPass extension uses CPU cycles when you click or do a search or use it to fill a form, but the CPU and memory usage don’t seem excessive. But it’s slow. There is some uncertainty about the future of LastPass. LogMeIn bought LastPass in 2015, then left it mostly alone, other than some unwelcome price increases.

How do I enable LastPass extension?

How do I enable the LastPass web browser extension?

  1. Go to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced and under “Browsing” select Enable third-party browser extensions then click Apply > OK.
  2. Go to Tools > Manage add-ons > LastPass Toolbar > Enable.

Why won’t LastPass show me my password?

If you are still encountering issues, you can try clearing your local cache. Click on the active LastPass icon in your web browser toolbar. Go to Account Options > Advanced > Clear Local Cache. Log out of LastPass.

How do I turn off LastPass Autofill?

Disable autofill for all sites

  1. Click the active LastPass icon in your toolbar.
  2. Go to Account Options > Extension Preferences.
  3. Click the General tab.
  4. Under General, uncheck the box for the Automatically Fill Login Information option.
  5. Click Save. Result: You have disabled autofill for all sites.

Does LastPass slow down computer?

Is there a problem with LastPass in chrome?

@trahec @lestighaniker @LastPass ? no I try logging in, then the cute vault just spins for a while and it brings me back to login. Without any error ?‍♀️ It was an issue with the Firefox extension in the past, so I switched to chrome. Now chrome has the same issue so I login without the extension.

Is there a way to get LastPass on my computer?

More ways to get LastPass. The Universal Windows installer installs browser extensions for Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Features dependent on a binary component, such as sharing of login state with other browsers, will not function.

Do you need to install LastPass plugin for IE anywhere?

IE Anywhere allows LastPass users complete access to their stored data and all regular features of the browser plugin without the need to download or install the plugin.

Is there a problem with the LastPass service?

LastPass down? Current outages and problems | Downdetector LastPass is a password management service for computers and smartphones. Thanks for submitting a report! Your report was successfully submitted.

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