Where is Cor de Rosa Morganite mined?

Where is Cor de Rosa Morganite mined?

Most of the [gems] come from … mines in Minas Gerais, Brazil. … While it’s only a minor producer today, the original Madagascar deposit still sets the standard for the best material.”

Is Cor de Rosa Morganite valuable?

The pink gemstone is also an affordable (but no less attractive) option. On average, a high quality morganite—rich in color—can be found for about $300 a carat with a custom cut. Paler versions can go for less. By comparison, on average, a diamond can cost upwards of $3,250 per carat.

What color is Cor de Rosa Morganite?

Cor-de-Rosa Morganite: Delicately Pink & Decidely Beautiful In a world where words like fiery, brilliant and flashy are used to describe a gemstone, the serene and tender pink color of morganite comes as a refreshing change.

Is morganite a real gemstone?

Morganite is a pink semi-precious stone belonging to the beryl mineral family which also includes the more common beryls like emerald and aquamarine. Available in a variety of colors including pink, rose, peach, purple and salmon, the pink and rose-colored stones are the most sought after today.

What is the most valuable color of morganite?

Generally, pure pinks to purplish pinks with strong color saturation are the rarest and most valuable morganite colors. Remember that morganite is usually light in color, making it a great pastel gemstone.

Does morganite get cloudy?

Morganite can get cloudy and dull as it accumulates oils and dirt from your daily environment. A careful cleaning should be able to remove that film to restore its color and clarity. Cleaning needs will vary, but If you’re wearing the ring daily, it wouldn’t be unusual to clean it every week or two.

What is a Cor de Rosa?

noun, adjective. pink [noun, adjective] (of) (any shade of) a colour/color between red and white.

What color are morganite stones?

Morganite is the pink to orange-pink variety of beryl, a mineral that includes emerald and aquamarine. Blends of pink and orange are typical natural morganite colors.

Does morganite hold its value?

Morganite is almost always heat treated to enhance the pink color. This results in a stable and pure color with lifetime durability for the Morganite ring. Heat treatment is an industry-accepted standard and does not diminish the value of this gemstone. Customers can request for an unheated Morganite if they prefer so.

What is the highest quality morganite?

Morganite (Pink) Quality Grading

AAAA (Heirloom) Top 1%
AAA (Excellent) Top 10%

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