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What are the most recorded songs of all time?

What are the most recorded songs of all time?

There are thousands of different versions of The Beatles’ (UK) 1965 hit “Yesterday” and John Newton’s (UK, 1725–1807) 1779 hymn “Amazing Grace” on record, but George Gershwin’s (USA) jazz standard “Summertime” is considered to be the most recorded song, with a staggering 67,591 recorded versions in existence as of 1 …

Who is the most covered band of all time?

Top 10 Most Covered Artists

  • U2 (363 Covers)
  • Queen (371 Covers)
  • Michael Jackson (391 Covers)
  • Marvin Gaye (396 Covers)
  • The Rolling Stones (438 Covers)
  • Frank Sinatra (493 Covers)
  • Stevie Wonder (533 Covers)
  • Bob Dylan (608 Covers)

What is the 2nd most recorded song in history?

The Girl From Ipanema
‘The Girl From Ipanema,’ the classic Brazilian bossa sung by everyone from Frank Sinatra to Dionne Warwick, is the second most recorded song in pop music history.

Which is the best rock cover of all time?

If you go back and listen to the original version of this song by Afrika Bambaataa and Soulsonic Force, you start to really appreciate the innovation and brilliance behind Rage’s cover. It’s just incredible how they were able to morph this track into something completely different, yet true to the original tune.

Are there any rock songs that are better than the original?

Over the course of rock history, some bands have even managed to improve upon the song they’re covering – in some instances actually creating the definitive version of the song in question. Although it’s rare, it actually happens more often than you might think. Here are our picks for the rock cover versions that outshine the original version.

Which is the most popular cover song of all time?

What began as a one-off Elvis Presley tribute on the 10th anniversary of the King’s passing became the all-time favorite cover song in a 2014 BBC poll. The Pet Shop Boys debuted their synth-pop rendition of “Always on My Mind” on Love Me Tender, a TV special featuring top groups of 1987 performing covers of Elvis’ greatest hits.

What makes a good cover of a song?

Check out our list of the Best Cover Songs Of All Time… A good cover song should do one of four things: (1) radically change the song structure to bring new life to the tune. (2) strip the song structure to its basic elements to showcase the raw components that make the song compelling.

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