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Can you save Benezia Mass Effect?

Can you save Benezia Mass Effect?

How to Complete Matriarch Benezia. If you want a bit of extra dialogue, save completing this Mission until after you’ve entered the Hot Labs. It’s clear that Benezia intends to kill you, and she even shows off her Stasis biotic power that can freeze Shepard in place.

How do you beat Benezia in Mass Effect?

Once Matriarch Benezia is no longer protected by her shields, it is best to quickly hit her with Stasis, Neural Shock, or Damping, as her biotics are powerful enough to one-shot Shepard immediately. Keeping Immunity and Barrier up can also be beneficial.

Was Benezia indoctrinated?

However, Benezia underestimated the power of Sovereign and she too became indoctrinated by the ships power. She became a slave to Saren as did all the Asari guards and commandos that followed her.

Should I save the Rachni Queen in Mass Effect 1?

Overall, the best decision is to save the Rachni Queen. She offers more benefits to having saved her in Mass Effect 1 than killing her. When she appears again in Mass Effect 3, and you choose to save her from the nest, she becomes a superb asset.

Where is Benezia in Mass Effect?

Noveria’s Peak 15
Benezia is found in a secure lab deep within Noveria’s Peak 15. Small talk between her and Shepard’s team is exchanged, but ultimately unfruitful as it quickly devolves into a firefight. Benezia places the whole squad in temporary stasis while her commandos move into position.

Should you free the Rachni?

Where does Liara find Benezia in Mass Effect?

After fighting geth, rachni and Benezia’s commandos, the squad finds her waiting for them in the labs beside the Rachni Queen. Even Liara’s presence in the squad, if Shepard chose to bring her, doesn’t stop Benezia from unleashing her biotics and her commandos against them.

What did Liara say to Benezia after Noveria?

Benezia manages to tell Liara that her daughter has always made her proud, but finally turns on Shepard and the squad is forced to kill her. As she lies dying, she claims not to see the light promised in asari religion. After Noveria, Shepard can talk to Liara about what happened, but Liara claims she is all right.

Where do you get the Matriarch Benezia mission?

While the Matriarch Benezia Mission is given as soon as you first talked with Parasini in the Port Hanshan lobby, it rides along with many other Missions you pick up along the way.

Why does Benezia call Liara ” Little Wing “?

Benezia calls Liara “Little Wing” just before she dies. This could be a nod to Counselor Troi, played by Benezia’s voice actress Marina Sirtis on Star Trek: The Next Generation, as Troi’s mother always called her “Little One” (much to Counselor Troi’s chagrin).

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