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Is Boronia cinema open?

Is Boronia cinema open?

Metro Cinemas is curently closed under Victoria State Government Covid orders. Please stay home and stay safe. We look forward to having you visit us when we get through this one.

Do villages have cinemas?

Village Cinemas has output deals with all major film distributors and selectively screens some independently sourced films depending on material….Village Cinemas.

Type Subsidiary

Are Knox cinemas open?

Dear Vrewards members and guests, Regional Victorian Village Cinemas locations are reopening August 10, 2021, including Village Cinemas Geelong, Morwell and Shepparton. All Tasmanian locations remain open.

What is Vmax Village Cinemas?

Vmax delivers the cinematic experience on a truly immense scale. Equipped with state of the art audio visual technology (many with industry leading Dolby Atmos surround sound) our Vmax theatres surpass all standard theatres and are designed to transport you into the world of the film.

Are cinemas open lockdown?

Cinemas are set to reopen under the third step of the lockdown roadmap, which will come on 17 May. This is also when the Rule of Six will return indoors, meaning you will be able to watch a film with up to five other people. Cinemas will have reduced capacity, and strict social distancing rules will be in place.

Can Gold Class vouchers be extended?

Expired vouchers will not be extended or replaced. Vouchers are not refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash. Vouchers cannot be sold or advertised without the prior written consent of Village Cinemas Australia.

How much is a Vmax movie ticket?

Event Cinemas Prices

VMAX Movie
Child $18.50 – $20.50
Adult $23.50 – $25.50
Student/Pensioner $20.50 – $22.50

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