What is a medical gas outlet?

What is a medical gas outlet?

The Ohio Medical Corporation® Medical Gas Outlet is designed with a gas-specific dual pin indexing arrangement to prevent an incorrect gas “Latch-Valve Mechanism” from being installed into a “Back-Body Assembly”. The “Latch-Valve Mechanism” is available in four different offerings; D.I.S.S.

What is a DISS outlet?

The Diameter Index Safety System, or DISS, was designed by the Compressed Gas Association specifically for medical gases at 200 psig or less. It uses unique, gas-specific threaded connections to fit equipment to station outlets.

What is a medical vacuum slide?

Vacuum or suction wall slides are used to hold bio-waste canisters in a clinical setting. They are commonly installed in the wall below, or to the side of the suction / vacuum inlet. To have adjustable slides, please see our medical rail systems.

What is not part of a typical Category 1 medical gas vacuum?

What is not part of a typical Category 1 Medical Vacuum system? An inlet at locations where patient suction could be required. Patient lead. Pressure gauges and operating controls.

What does Diss mean in medical gas?

Diameter-Index Safety system
The Compressed Gas Association (CGA) developed the Diameter-Index Safety system (DISS) to establish a standard for non-interchangeable, removable connections for use with Medical Gases, Instrument Air, Vacuum (Suction), and WAGD (Waste Anesthetic Gas Disposal).

What does Diss stand for medical?

Disability Information Service
Abbreviation for: Disability Information Service Surrey. Disability Information Service of Sussex.

What does a medical vacuum do?

Medical vacuum pumps keep medical professionals safe from potentially harmful substances. These vacuum pumps are used within hospitals, vet clinics, and medical clinics at large. Vacuum Pumps can be used for applications such as: Draining wounds.

At what pressure is rough testing of medical gas piping conducted?

150 pounds per square inch
The tests are to be performed in accordance with ASSE 6010 requirements. An Initial Pressure Test shall be conducted when all rough assemblies are completed. It shall be conducted at 1.5 times the working pressure but not less than 150 pounds per square inch (psi).

What is difference between medical air and oxygen?

Medical air differs from oxygen and ordinary air. It is an ultra-clean, dry, purified, colorless, odorless, non-flammable gas. If the air is properly cleaned and processed it can be suitable for a human to breathe. Hospitals use medical air for dozens of patient treatments including ventilators and incubators.

What do you need to know about medical gas outlets?

We do carry Aluminum oxygen cylinders, oxygen regulators, O2 regulators and tanks Air regulators, Oxygen flowmeters, Oxygen adapters, Oxygen bags, Oxygen wall outlets, air compressors, medical gas diss outlets. Secondary equipment for oxygen manifolds.

What kind of wall outlet do I need for oxygen?

Medical gas wall outlets and hoses for Oxygen – Medical Air, Vacuum, Nitros Oxide. Oxygen wall outlet Chemetron vacuum wall outlet Allied Healthcare medical Air Wall outlet Nitrous Oxide Wall outlets and hoses. Manufacturer: Allied Healthcare Chemetron Corporation

Where can I find oxygen equipment and supplies?

Oxygen equipment & supplies In this category you will find all type of equipment and supplies for oxygen delivery, respiratory and resuscitation.

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