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What happens in the next episode of General Hospital?

What happens in the next episode of General Hospital?

This week on General Hospital, Cyrus finally is living up to his villainous potential, but for some viewers, it’s too little, too late. The Nixon Falls… Friday, May 21, 2021: Today on General Hospital, Sean’s friends gather in Ireland to say goodbye to him and find themselves targets in a special episode…

What’s the line between good and evil on General Hospital?

Let our elaborate daily recaps bring you up to speed on the goings-on in Port Charles, where the line between good and evil is so thin, a scalpel couldn’t trace it; then stay in the know by checking on the regular our spoilers, casting notices, news and opinion pieces.

Who are the main characters in General Hospital?

played by Briana Henry. Peter August. played by Wes Ramsey. Franco Baldwin. played by Roger Howarth. Nikolas Cassadine. played by Marcus Coloma. Harrison Chase. played by Josh Swickard.

What happens to Jason and Britt on General Hospital?

GH spoilers show that Jason Morgan has decided to ditch his burgeoning romance with Dr. Britt Westbourne to, once again, ride to Carly Corinthos’s rescue. Jason will marry Carly, to protect her … The GH spoilers for July 12 – July 16, 2021, tease two truths being outed, a woman spoiled for choice, and an on-edge dad-to-be desperate for the truth.

When does General Hospital start July 15 2021?

Thursday, July 15, 2021: Today on General Hospital, several Port Charles residents enjoy the new Metro Court pool, while others have close calls at a New York… Wednesday, July 14, 2021: Today on General Hospital, Spencer faces his family, Anna gets closer to the truth, and Austin stakes a claim on what his father…

When did the soap opera General Hospital start?

General Hospital. In April 1, 1963 General Hospital was created. The show was credited for starting the trend of the ‘supercouple’ for all soaps. The storyline focuses on the trials and tribulations of hospital staff, mobsters and other residents of the fictional town of Port Charles.

Maxie confesses to Nina, Spencer reveals himself and we finally find out who Austin really is. Nikolas has had a rough time of it, but Laura — proving a boy’s best friend is his mother — will do her best to bolster his spirits. Meanwhile, Trina jumps to the defense of her mentor, Ava. Sonny finds himself waiting for very important news.

Why is Phyllis so protective of Nina on General Hospital?

Phyllis is feeling very protective of Nina, and issues a warning with that in mind. Brando’s been struggling with Sasha’s hesitancy where their relationship is concerned. But today, he gets a better understanding as to where it comes from.

What happens to Maxie and Austin in General Hospital?

Maxie considers leaving town, Austin starts his new job, Britt breaks down in tears, and Jason suggests Carly butt out. Remember when soon after we met Austin, he seemed curious about the Michael Corinthos wing at General Hospital?

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