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How do I make a distraction in Thalmor embassy?

How do I make a distraction in Thalmor embassy?

After showing your invitation to the Thalmor bouncer and exchanging pleasantriess with the Ambassador, Malborn urges you to create a distraction so that you can sneak out. Grab a Colovian Brandy either from Malborn or the waitress and hand one to Razelan.

How do you glitch into the Thalmor embassy?

The Dragonborn may access the Embassy through a glitch in the Reeking Cave after completing “Diplomatic Immunity.” It is also possible to regain access by jumping a horse over the fence to the left of the embassy building.

How do you get out of Thalmor embassy without weapons?

If all else fails and you are on a computer you can hit the ~ to go into console mode, type in tim to activate immortal mode, fight the guards on the ground floor bare handed and after they are dead loot their bodies for armour and weapons. Then just turn immortal off and proceed normally.

Should I give Malborn my whole inventory?

If you don’t mind the aggressive style, give Malborn your current weapon and all other gear. If you prefer to take some precautions and act from the shadows after reaching the party, you should give Malborn a dagger and as many equipment, rings, amulets, potions, scrolls and any other items helping in staying silent.

What’s wrong with the Thalmor?

The Thalmor are known to be extremely arrogant and constantly insult the Dragonborn when encountered in wilderness and tell them to mind their own business. They will attack if pushed, especially about the Talos worship and that people are free to worship what they want.

What happens if Malborn survives?

If Malborn survives, he will go to the New Gnisis Cornerclub in Windhelm, joined by Brelas if she had been captured by the Thalmor as well as part of the earlier distraction at the party and survives the escape as well.

How to create distraction at Elenwen Thalmor embassy party?

Before creating this distraction at the Elenwen Thalmor Embassy party, speak to Malborn and tell him the hero is ready so that he will stand at the door. The best way to create a distraction is to speak to Erikur, and then Brelas the elf servant of drinks at the party. Speak to Erikur again, and he will tell the hero he wants to “date” Brelas.

How do you regain access to the Thalmor embassy?

It is also possible to regain access by jumping a horse over the fence to the left of the embassy building. After completing “Diplomatic Immunity,” sometimes if the Dragonborn sprints and bumps into a Thalmor Wizard or Soldier, all the Thalmor in the area of the Embassy become hostile.

Who is in the Thalmor embassy dungeon in Skyrim?

In Skyrim, the Thalmor Embassy Dungeon holds the prisoner Etienne Rarnis and he is being interrogated and punished by a Thalmor guard. Just outside the window of Rarnis’ cell is the Thalmor third emissary Rulindil.

Where do you find the diplomatic immunity quest?

This is the Diplomatic Immunity quest. This guide will show you how to create a distraction at the Thalmor Embassy party to infiltrate deeper into the Thalmor Embassy to reach the thalmor ambassador’s office, entering Elenwen’s solar and then entering the Thalmor Embassy Dungeon to get the thalmont’s dossiers and dragon investigation papers.

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