How old is lionmaker from the lionmaker Studios?

How old is lionmaker from the lionmaker Studios?

This article, LionMaker, may contain material that is disturbing, such as discussions of pedophilia. Hey guys, Lionmaker here from the Lionmaker Studios… [age 33] ), better known online as LionMaker, was a former Belgian Minecraft YouTuber.

How many subscribers did lionmaker have before he was banned?

LionMaker’s original channel had about 797,000 subscribers prior to its deletion & second permanent ban. His content primarily focused on the world of Minecraft; even hosting his very own series “Survival Madness”. However, when allegations spread against LionMaker, his friends discontinued associating with him and starring in his videos.

Why did lionmaker’s channel get terminated on YouTube?

On September 29, 2020, LionMaker’s channel was terminated due to violating YouTube’s Terms of Service. Lionmaker’s nudity messages, the reason why he was arrested. Keemstar’s video against Lionmaker.

Who is the lionmaker in Lion Club Omega?

Marcos Wilton, more popularly known as LionMaker, is one of Stampy’s helpers and friends. He was first appeared in Lion Club Omega episode. He sometimes appears in Stampy’s Lovely World.

Why did lionmaker go to jail in the UK?

Some even note that LionMaker was in jail for two to three years. On June 23, 2018, another British YouTuber Lollipop Cop, concluded that LionMaker was blackmailed behind the scenes by his “victim” PaigeThePanda aka InstantPadge. The video also exposed THExSERGEANT and PaigeThePanda for deleting LionMaker’s 700,000 + subscriber channel.

Where does lionmaker from stampylongnose live now?

LionMaker has been involved in allegedly controversial things which caused him to have his Twitter account suspended and have his inactivity on YouTube for a short time. His skin is a lion. His real name is Marcus and he currently lives in Belgium. He was born in Brazil.

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