What does 不 emoji mean?

What does 不 emoji mean?

不 Rolling on Floor Laughing emoji Also know as the ROFL emoji, it depicts a smiling face crying tears of joy while leaning to one side, as if rolling over with uncontrollable laughter. It is used to mark anything that is extremely hilarious.

How do you make the laughing crying Emoji on Facebook?

The Face with Tears of Joy emoji is in the Emoticons Unicode block under: U+1F602 FACE WITH TEARS OF JOY (HTML ).

How do I type laughing crying Emoji?

You can use Alt + 129315 to insert ROFL emoji in Word, Outlook and PowerPoint documents.

What does the crying emoji mean on Facebook?

Crying Face emoji is a smiley with at least one teardrop falling out of its Eyes. And its meaning is quite obvious it is all about being extremely Sad and disappointed with something, crying because of sadness or pain. This smiley doesn’t imply the meaning of happy tears, because of its sad Mouth.

How long is the crying with laughter Smiley?

Wishing you many uses of this crying laughter smiley! ‘Crying with laughter’ is animated in 54 frames, the animation is 5.4 seconds long and loops continously. It’s a GIF animation measuring 50 by 50 pixels and has 256 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

Where can I get a laughing emoticon for free?

For more free Laughing smileys emoticons like the crying laughter icon, visit the Laughing Emoticons pack. We have the best smileys for facebook, Skype and Yahoo.

How many characters are there in crying laughing?

Crying Laughing has 1 line and is 7 characters long. It is made with the following 5 unique symbols and characters.

What’s the meaning of the Crying Face emoji?

Widely used to show something is funny or pleasing. Not to be confused with Loudly Crying Face or 不 Rolling on the Floor Laughing, which expresses more intense laughter. One of the ten most popular emojis between 20142018 and was named the Oxford Dictionaries 2015 Word of the Year.

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