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What episode of Fairy Tail does Natsu get kidnapped?

What episode of Fairy Tail does Natsu get kidnapped?

The powers of the Dragon Slayers clash when Natsu goes head to head with Gajeel! The destruction is interrupted when a guild master takes a critical blow and word that Lucy has been kidnapped sends Natsu over the edge!

Does Natsu ever get kidnapped?

The latest chapter of the series takes this one step closer to the extreme as Natsu Todoroki has been kidnapped by a violent and frenzied new villain, Ending, who has some beef with Endeavor following a vague battle from seven years ago.

Where does Lucy get kidnapped?

The general premise is that a young woman named Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) gets abducted by a gang in Taipei and forced to carry a bag of drugs in her abdomen. But when the bag bursts, the drug gives her access to the 90 percent of her brain that most of us never use, making her superhuman.

What episode does Natsu disappear?

‘Fairy Tail’ Chapter 538 Spoilers: Natsu Disappears; Another Dead Character’s Return Hinted : US : koreaportal.

Why did Phantom Lord kidnap Lucy?

Phantom Lord’s Guild Master Jose Porla arrives and offers her better conditions, but Lucy wants to know the reason behind Phantom Lord’s attack. She learns from Jose that it was actually her father who ordered her kidnapping since he wanted her back, and the destruction of Fairy Tail was just an added Bonus.

What happened to Wendy and Carla at the Grand Magic games?

Wendy Marvell and Carla are attacked before the Preliminary event of the X791 Grand Magic Games, Sky Labyrinth, by having their entire Magic Power drained out of them and only being able to remember some black creature coming to attack them.

What episode does Lucy get kidnapped?

Lucy Heartfilia is the 22nd episode of the Fairy Tail anime. Fairy Tail’s invasion into Phantom Lord continues, but when Makarov falls, they are forced to retreat. Lucy is being kept prisoner by Phantom Lord Guild Master Jose Porla, but she is saved by Natsu.

Who kidnapped Lucy?

Does Makarov lose his powers?

Makarov after losing his Magic Power When they return, he is taken to a friend of his and a healing Mage, Porlyusica who looks after him. It is discovered that the spell, Metsu, that was used on him causes the user’s Magic Power to disperse into the air and eventually disappear.

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