What can I do with a whiteboard at home?

What can I do with a whiteboard at home?

15 things to do with a whiteboard

  1. Play a whiteboard directions game. Blindfold one student and stand them near the board with a board pen.
  2. Play a blindfold joining up game.
  3. Cover and reveal.
  4. Use a colour code.
  5. Write the aims for today’s lesson.
  6. Do a picture dictation.
  7. Use magnets.
  8. Have a drawing race.

What is magnetic whiteboard?

Magnetic whiteboards are a premium product that will enhance any office space. They are made from tempered glass which is four times stronger than regular glass, making it much harder to break under pressure. Glass surfaces, especially those made of tempered safety glass, are super smooth and scratch resistant.

How do you make a whiteboard look pretty?

If you want your whiteboard to look great with all of your other decorations, find a picture frame that has a glass front. Put a patterned piece of paper inside of the picture frame and hang it on your wall. Use dry erase markers to write on the glass front of your picture frame.

Where can I buy dry erase board for easel?

If you purchase your dry erase board from Home Depot, they will cut it to size for you. You will have to buy a 4×8 sheet. Since there is leftover dry erase board, use the extra to create the bottom shelf. Add the shower rings to the top of the easel around the PVC to hold your chart paper or pocket charts! I love my new easel.

What can I use to make my own whiteboard?

I can’t believe how simple it is to make your own DIY whiteboard! Use a dollar store frame with your favourite scrap booking paper and you’re done! You can use our free printable templates to turn it into a Shopping List, a To-Do List or a Menu Planning board. Such a pretty and EASY little project!

What’s the best way to make a DIY easel?

You can use a hacksaw to cut it, but my husband recommends using a PVC pipe cutter because it’s much easier and faster. Assemble the front and back sides of this DIY easel. It should look like the picture below when done. Being a designer, he was able to whip this together on his designing software first. The numbers match the materials list.

How do you cut a frame for a whiteboard?

Use a tape measure to determine the length and height of your whiteboard. Measure and mark these distances in pencil on the wood you plan on using for the frame. Then, fit the wood into the miter box, lining up the marks with the grooves for the saw. Slide a basic hand saw into the grooves to cut the wood at a 45-degree angle.

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