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What kind of wine is Gavi?

What kind of wine is Gavi?

white wine
Gavi di Gavi (aka Cortese di Gavi) is a famous white wine DOCG zone in Piedmont, Italy. The 1,200-hectare vineyard area surrounds the city of Gavi itself. Cortese is the grape behind the wines of Gavi di Gavi, and is distinguished by its crisp, floral, peachy, aromatic qualities.

Is Gavi wine good?

These wines scored very well across the board, and Gavi proved to be a very popular choice that’s sure to be a great crowd-pleaser at a party. Delicate white peach and floral, orange blossom aromas. Fresh and tangy, with lots of citrus and stone fruit flavours and an excellently balanced finish.

Is Gavi a dry wine?

Grown in the vineyards surrounding the small town of Gavi, Northwest Italy, this local grapes produce a dry, elegant wine distinguished by its crisp white peach and citrus flavours, and has a creamy smooth finish. Serve chilled with roast chicken or oven baked fish.

What food goes with Gavi wine?

Gavi, made from a grape called Cortese, is typically tart, with an aroma that suggests fresh limes. All pair well with herby pasta sauces like pesto, white fish or vegetable dishes.

What does Gavi wine taste like?

This wine is a joy – fresh yet weighty, zesty yet complex. The pure mineral notes on the nose lead to attractive citrus and green apple flavours, followed by a hint of almond and a long, lemony finish. Gavi del Comune di Gavi wines take the Cortese grape to the next level, adding extra depth and complexity.

What does GAVI go with?

What do you eat with Soave wine?

Delicious! SOAVE FOOD PAIRING: Soave pairs incredibly with rich Italian Seafood. Think along the lines of clams and gnocchi, squid ink linguini, scallops, and risotto. This will guarantee you’ll find a perfect match!

How do you serve Gavi wine?

Gavi pairs best with Sushi, Seafood Risotto, Grilled Fish in a lemon sauce, Salade Niçoise, Spaghetti and Clams, Shellfish, Spinach Salad with Goat Cheese, Focaccia and light Chicken dishes. Gavi is a white wine from Piedmont, Italy and is made entirely from the Cortese grape.

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