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Is World War Z getting any more updates?

Is World War Z getting any more updates?

World War Z is ramping back up for a new round of content. The co-op zombie game is getting new DLC this year called Aftermath, as Saber Interactive revealed in a new trailer today that premiered in IGN’s Summer of Gaming expo.

Is World War Z finished?

World War Z’s final scene had them arriving in America and storming the country to find his family. This bleaker ending for World War Z came as a result of the script not being entirely finished when production began on the film.

Is Wwz aftermath a sequel?

On top of improving on the original, the World War Z: Aftermath developers added new maps, mechanics, and stories for players to enjoy. And though it’s pegged as a sequel, the game straddles the line between its own entity and an enhanced edition of its predecessor.

Is World War Z aftermath a DLC or a new game?

Aftermath is the first expansion for 2019’s World War Z and will release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on September 21. At the same time, the game will also receive backwards compatibility on the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

What caused zombies in Wwz?

The exact origin of the zombie plague is unknown, but the first cases of what became the global pandemic began in China. It is implied that the virus is ancient, and was somehow released due to geological disruption caused by the Three Gorges Dam.

How big is Wwz?

According to the epic games launcher the download size of World War Z is 24.9GB.

Is World War Z aftermath a free upgrade?

World War Z: Aftermath is a third-person, four-player cooperative zombie shooter that adds to the original WWZ game that was released over two years ago. That upgrade will be free for anyone who purchased the game on PS4, Xbox One, or PC.

What kind of game is World War Z?

World War Z is a thrilling four-player cooperative third-person shooter featuring massive swarms of zombies that recklessly rush their living prey.

How many people can you play World War Z with?

Turn the tide of the zombie apocalypse across consoles and PC with full cross-play. Join up to three friends or play on your own with AI teammates against hordes of ravenous zombies in intense story episodes across new zombie-ravaged locations around the world.

When does World War Z aftermath edition come out?

In early 2022, the game will receive further next-gen enhancements, with support for PS5 and XSX|S console features, as well as Horde Mode XL, free and on PC, PS5, and XSX|S. World War Z: Aftermath Deluxe Edition, featuring a bonus weapons pack and weapons skins, will be available for $49.99 ($29.99 for World War Z owners).

Where are the zombies in World War Z?

Humanity is on the brink of extinction. From New York, to Moscow, to Jerusalem, the undead apocalypse continues to spread. Countless millions of ravenous zombies without feeling or fear overwhelm and infect the embattled survivors of World War Z.

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