Does Chat Noir likes Marinette?

Does Chat Noir likes Marinette?

Does Chat Noir like Marinette? In an episode in season 3, Marinette confessed her feelings to Chat even though they weren’t real. During dinner, Chat turns down Marinette’s feelings and says he can’t be with her because he is in love with Ladybug.

Is Marinette du Pan Chang real?

Marinette Dupain-Cheng is a fictional character and the female protagonist of the animated television series Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir created by Thomas Astruc. She is depicted as a French-Chinese teenage student who aspires to become a fashion designer and whose parents own a bakery.

Who is Marinette crush?

Adrien Agreste is the main male protagonist of the series as well as Marinette’s partner and main love interest.

Who has a crush on Chat Noir?

Adrien Dupain-Cheng — Signs of Ladybug’s crush on Chat Noir – Part 1.

Who is Adrien in love with?

Adrien, Marienette’s biggest crush, is also the superhero Cat Noir. When Paris is in danger, he defeats villains along with LadyBug. Adrien is in love with Ladybug, but he can’t find the right way to tell her how he really feels—not to mention reveal out who’s behind that mask.

Who is Kagami crush?

Canon. Marinette and Kagami originally didn’t know each other very well, but both of them having a crush on Adrien had caused Marinette and Kagami to see each other as love rivals for his affection; since Marinette thinks that Adrien as eyes for Kagami and vice-versa on Kagami’s on end.

Who is Chat Noir in Marinette X Chat Noir?

Marinette X Chat Noir. Chat Noir has always been in love with Ladybug, but the closer he gets to Marinette the stronger his feelings become, it’s like he knows Marinette but doesn’t know Ladybug at all.

How did chat get up off of Marinette?

Chat slowly got up off of Marinette, giving her his regular bright smirk he held out his hand to help her up, she glanced at it before deciding to gently place her small hand in his and let him help her up. “I’m sorry for bumping into you Princess, I seem to be a bit distracted today.”

Why did Chat Noir have feelings for Ladybug?

Chat Noir’s eyes widened slightly as he thought for a moment, he did have feelings for Ladybug but he also had feelings for the shy girl in front of him, he fell in love with Ladybug because of how heroic and kind she was, because she always worried about everyone else and was a great teammate and friend.


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