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Who was going to be the next Michael Jordan?

Who was going to be the next Michael Jordan?

In football, Randy Moss, Michael Vick, and Ki-Jana Carter were the three players who were dubbed the “next Jordan,” while in soccer, both Alexi Lalas and Mia Hamm were once called that, too. In the NHL, Vincent Lecavalier’s Jordan comp followed him for most of his career.

Who has been compared to Michael Jordan?

The 5 most accurate comparisons to Michael Jordan

  • Vince Carter. Vince Carter was drafted in 1998, right after Jordan announced his retirement (for the second time).
  • Grant Hill. Grant Hill is a classic case of what could have been.
  • LeBron James.
  • Kawhi Leonard.
  • Kobe Bryant.

Who is the next LeBron James?

Top NBA draft pick Cade Cunningham wants to be the next Lebron James off the court. NBA first round draft pick Cade Cunningham is making his mark off the court and he has yet to play a professional basketball game. Cunningham, 19, spoke to Jabari Young, CNBC sports business reporter, about his brand off the court.

Is LeBron James the next Michael Jordan?

LeBron James has proved throughout his entire career that he was indeed the next Michael Jordan. He first confirmed it during Game 5 of the 2007 Eastern Conference Finals against the Detroit Pistons, though. He will continue to prove it as long as he is playing too.

Who did they call the Jordan stopper?

Gerald Wilkins
Journeyman guard Gerald Wilkins was once nicknamed “the Jordan stopper,” yet in 39 career matchups, Jordan averaged 30.8 points on 50.8 shooting from the field.

Who is the next Kobe?

Devin Booker
Devin Booker is the next Kobe Bryant. It is official. His first playoff appearance and the brother is the No. 1 option, averaging over 28, dropped 40 and a triple-double in the first game of the conference finals.

Who is most like Jordan?

Kawhi Leonard isn’t at the same unsettling doppelganger level as Kobe was, but he’s easily the active player with the most resemblance to Jordan.

What year will LeBron retire?

James is a free agent after the 2023 season, so any hope that he’ll finish his career in Los Angeles will need to be attached to a contract extension that’ll keep him tied there for the foreseeable future.

Who is the next Kobe Bryant?

How many times did Michael Jordan make all-defensive team?

Michael Jordan, Gary Payton, Garnett and Bryant share the record for most NBA All-Defensive first team selections with nine. Scottie Pippen, Bobby Jones, and Duncan made the first team eight times each. Walt Frazier, Dennis Rodman and Chris Paul made the All-Defensive first team seven times.

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