Was Oxide and Neutrino in so Solid Crew?

Was Oxide and Neutrino in so Solid Crew?

Oxide and Neutrino are the most famous members of south London garage collective So Solid Crew, authors of a string of top 10 singles and British pop’s current betes noires.

Where is Oxide and Neutrino from?

London, United Kingdom
Oxide & Neutrino/Origin

What is Neutrinos real name?

Oxide & Neutrino are an English DJ and MC garage duo from Swindon, consisting of Oxide (Alex Rivers) and Neutrino (Mark Oseitutu).

Why did So Solid Crew break up?

After marrying former Mis-Teeq lady turned BGT judge Alesha Dixon in 2005, the couple split amid revelations of Harvey’s affair with Javine Hylton, you know, from Popstars: The Rivals. In 2013, Harvey went on a massive Twitter rant after So Solid were dropped from the bill at London’s Lovebox Festival.

What is Romeo from So Solid Crew doing now?

He still works as a musician and actor. MC Romeo teamed up with Christina Milian for his 2002 duet, ‘It’s All Gravy’, which landed in the top ten, and he also enjoyed a number three hit with ‘Romeo Dunn’.

Is a neutrino smaller than a quark?

The mass (or equivalently, rest energy) of a neutrino is still being worked out but we know the heaviest type of neutrino weighs at least 30 times less than a proton or neutron (or at least 10 times smaller than a quark).

Why did so solid crew break up?

How many people are in 21 seconds?

Megaman said the crew created the track after their label told them to make a track lasting three and a half minutes. He said “so we worked out that with at least 10 or 11 members, that’s eight bars each – 21 seconds.

How old is Megaman from So Solid Crew?

Dwayne Vincent, known as Megaman, was acquitted of encouraging his friend Carl Morgan to shoot Colin Scarlett. The 24-year-old was gunned down in a south London street after he humiliated and “dissed” Morgan another member of the rap collective by beating him up.

When did So Solid Crew break up?

November 2001
Shots were fired at a concert featuring So Solid Crew in November 2001. Although never officially announcing that they had split up, the group was inactive for a number of years.

Who are oxide and neutrino in So Solid Crew?

Their track “Shoot to Kill” appears, played from car stereos, in the film Ali G Indahouse. It is also featured on the original soundtrack CD . Oxide & Neutrino are members of UK garage group So Solid Crew. Oxide has also produced tracks on Lisa Maffia ‘s debut album, First Lady, and the track “Industry Lady” on Face’s mixtape Sign 2 the Block .

Where can I find oxide and neutrino?

Earlier this year, Oxide & Neutrino released a remix of GALA’s 1997 hit ‘Freed From Desire’, and they can regularly be found DJing on Radio 1 and playing at festivals and clubs up and down the country. You might even be able to spot Neutrino playing rugby every so often, too.

What was the first song oxide and Neutrino released?

Their first single ” Bound 4 Da Reload (Casualty) ” entered at the top of the UK Singles Chart in April 2000. It is known for sampling the theme music to the BBC medical drama series Casualty, and also contains samples of dialogue from the 1998 film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels .

When did oxide and neutrino get a new record deal?

The duo signed a new record deal in January 2021 with New State Music and released the track “Where Do We Go” featuring Leo the Lion. “—” denotes items that did not chart or were not released in that territory.

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