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What did Sayyid Mohammed Abdullah Hassan stand for?

What did Sayyid Mohammed Abdullah Hassan stand for?

According to apologist Said Sheikh Samatar the Somali word waalan covers a spectrum that ranges from sheer lunacy through ‘lunatic’ valour to an other worldly inner serenity. Statue of Sayyid Mohammed Abdullah Hassan in Mogadishu, Somalia.

Where is the statue of Mohammed Abdullah Hassan?

Statue of Sayyid Mohammed Abdullah Hassan in Mogadishu, Somalia. In 1895, Hassan returned to Berbera. The British considered Berbera merely ‘Aden’s butcher’s shop’, since they were only interested in getting regular supplies of meat from Somaliland through this port for their Indian outpost of Aden.

Who are the followers of Ustadh Abdur Rahman?

“Ustadh” Abdur-Rahman Hasan is a follower of the manhaj of and Ali al-Hasan , from the generality of the Mumayyi’ah. He burst onto the scene around 2012 and found ways to soak up the followers of , and likewise the extremist (strange combination).

When did Mohammed Abdullah Hassan stop following the tariqa?

Around 1909, in a secret meeting under a big tree later nicknamed “Anjeel tale waa” (“The Tree of Bad Counsel”), about 400 Dervish followers decided to stop following the mullah upon receiving the expulsion letter from the head of the Tariqa, Sheikh Salah]

Who was the policeman who carried Mohammed Abdullah Hassan’s letter?

The letter was carried by a Somali mounted policeman named Ahmed Adan. Upon his return after the delivery of the letter, Cordeaux interviewed Adan, who provided the following information: I knew many of the people there—some of them were relations of mine. My brother-in-law, Dualeh Aoreb, was there.

Where was Mohammed Abdullah Hassan’s capital in Taleex?

Mohammed Abdullah Hassan’s fort in Taleex. During 1910–1914, the dervish capital moved from Illig to Taleh in the heart of Nugal where the dervish built three garrison forts of massive stone work and a number of houses. He built a luxurious palace for himself and kept new guards drawn from outcast clans.

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