What is Teardrop by lauren kate about?

What is Teardrop by lauren kate about?

Teardrop is the first book in Lauren Kate’s riveting new YA series. It tells the story of Eureka, who lost her mother in a freak car accident and is thrown into a world of magic, mystery and mythology by the items her mother bequested her.

How many books are in the teardrop series by Lauren Kate?

2 Books
Teardrop Trilogy Book Series (2 Books)

What genre is the book teardrop?

Fantasy Fiction

What book comes after torment?

Torment (novel)

Cover for the initial release edition
Author Lauren Kate
ISBN 0-385-73914-1
Preceded by Fallen
Followed by Passion

Will there be another Fallen movie Lauren Kate?

A Fallen sequel is in the works, despite Fallen not having been released yet. A movie for Torment, the Fallen sequel to Lauren Kate’s four-book series, is already in its pre-production phase, even though there hasn’t even been an official release date for the first movie.

Will there ever be a Fallen 2?

Are they making a Fallen 2 movie Torment?

What happens at the end of Teardrop by Lauren Kate?

And then Eureka uncovers an ancient tale of romance and heartbreak, about a girl who cried an entire continent into the sea. Suddenly her mother’s death and Ander’s appearance seem connected, and her life takes on dark undercurrents that don’t make sense.

Who is Maya in the book Teardrop by Lauren Kate?

Eureka says Maya hates her: “She was a senior, a roller skater, a rumored Wiccan, a transcender of all cliques, a contralto in the choir, a state-champion equestrian ( ed note: omg, jealous. I want to be a state-champion equestrian), and she hated Eureka Boudreaux.”

How old is Eureka in the book teardrop?

Seventeen-year-old Eureka won’t let anyone close enough to feel her pain. After her mother was killed in a freak accident, the things she used to love hold no meaning. She wants to escape, but one thing holds her back: Ander, the boy who is everywhere she goes, whose turquoise eyes are like the ocean.

Who is the passive character in Teardrop by Lauren Kate?

Eureka (that name -__-;) is so utterly passive she even remarks on it herself: “Trust was mutual, and that was the problem with her and Ander. He held all the cards. Eureka’s role in the relationship seemed merely to be alarmed.” (p. 311) She also goes through long internal monologues like this one: “Eureka’s life was in chaos.

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