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What is the hardest song on OSU?

What is the hardest song on OSU?

Top 100 osu! hardest ranked/approved Beatmaps

  • 100: HujuniseikouyuuP – MISTAKE [Ms.0108]5.86★
  • 99: Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas – Rave-up Tonight [Extra]5.86★
  • 98: Katakiri Rekka – Answer [Insane]5.86★
  • 97: IA – Six Trillion Years and Overnight Story [0108]5.87★
  • 96: t+pazolite – cheatreal [Extra]5.87★
  • 95: ETIA. –

What is the hardest Beatmap?

Top 50 Hardest osu! Ranked Beatmaps

  • F-777 – Fasten Your Seatbelts. Fasten Your Seatbelts.
  • UNDEAD CORPORATION – Flowering Night Fever. Flowering Night Fever.
  • BLANKFIELD – Voyage. Voyage.
  • IOSYS -Utage wa Eien ni ~SHD~
  • xi – Last Resort.
  • Camellia – FLYING OUT TO THE SKY.
  • Nico Nico Douga – BARUSA of MIKOSU.
  • SOOOO – Happppy song.

What is the longest Beatmap in OSU?

beatmap? Probably this one, it’s over 50 minutes long. For unranked, the longest drain is (but it’s only 1.88 stars, so probably unmapped for most of the song).

How do you play OSU?

Playing “Osu!” is straightforward. Simply follow the numbers and click the circles to the beat of the music, and hold the trails with your mouse. If you miss too many, the song will stop and you’ll fail. “Osu!”

What is the most hardest OSU map?

Top 100 hardest maps of osu! Standard [Ranked/Approved]

  • 3: UNDEAD CORPORATION – Everything will freeze [Time Freeze] Mapped by Ekoro, 7.65*
  • 2: Wagakki Band – Tengaku [Uncompressed Fury of a Raging Japanese God] Mapped by Shiro, 7.81*
  • 1: Spawn of Possession – Apparition [Blind Faith] Mapped by Mazzerin, 8.08*

Is osu on mobile?

osu! is coming to mobile devices, including Android.

Which is the hardest OSU song to beat?

Top 50 Hardest osu! Ranked Beatmaps — Tech How Top 50 Hardest osu! Ranked Beatmaps 1. F-777 – Fasten Your Seatbelts 2. UNDEAD CORPORATION – Flowering Night Fever 3. BLANKFIELD – Voyage 4. IOSYS -Utage wa Eien ni ~SHD~ 6. Camellia – FLYING OUT TO THE SKY 7. Nico Nico Douga – BARUSA of MIKOSU 8. SOOOO – Happppy song 9. Inferi – The Promethean Kings

Are there hard or tricky songs to practice with?

Hard or tricky songs · forum | osu! I’m looking for difficult songs to practice with. Post here if you have recommendations osu! Alumni Either of these are challenging and fun.

How to stop OSU pendulum from playing on YouTube?

Osu! – Pendulum – Blood Sugar [Hard] *Hardrock* – YouTube If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV’s watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer.

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