What careers can Geology lead to?

What careers can Geology lead to?

Following are the top 10 jobs you can get with a geology degree :

  • Geoscientist.
  • Field assistant.
  • Mine Geologist.
  • MUD Logger.
  • Consulting Geologist.
  • Environmental Field Technician.
  • Assistant Geologist.
  • Meteorologist.

What are three different careers in geology?

There are many careers available to geologists in fields including environmental geology and geoscience, pollution control, glacial geology, geological surveying, water supplies, engineering geology, ground investigation, geochemistry, volcanology, field seismology and geotechnical engineering.

Why is geology so hard?

The math and physics required plus taking classes like dynamics, synoptic, and phys met make it a very heavy and hard course load. Working side by side with some geologists I think geology is similar with some difficult classes plus a lot of labs.

What kind of jobs can you get with a degree in geology?

Careers in geology generally fall into the following categories: Government (local and regional planning, state and Federal environmental regulation and protection (D.E.P. and E.P.A.), geological engineering (PennDOT), state geological surveys, U.S. Geological Survey, National Park Service, state parks, E.P.A.)

Do you need continuing education to be a geologist in Kansas?

Continuing education is required for Active status. A Professional Geologist who chooses this status may not work in Kansas, however they may use their professional title in conjunction with the word “emeritus.”

How much does it cost to reinstate a geologist license in Kansas?

Handwritten or incomplete forms will not be accepted. Pending applications and any supporting documents will be kept on file for one calendar year. If your Kansas Professional Geologist license has lapsed or been cancelled, you must complete the Reinstatement Application. The fee is $100.

What kind of geology do you do in Pittsburgh?

The Pittsburgh Geological Society (PGS): Features a mix of geologists working in petroleum, geological engineering, environmental consulting, and government. The Pittsburgh Association of Petroleum Geologists (PAPG): Focuses almost exclusively on oil and natural gas exploration.

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