What is a Ping Anser putter worth?

What is a Ping Anser putter worth?

PING says the putter is still an original, which, depending on condition, means Gore’s putter could worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,500-plus on the open market.

What is the difference between Ping Anser and Ping Anser 2?

The timeless Anser is heel-toe tungsten weighted for forgiveness. This is best for players with a slight-arc to the stroke as it helps square the club face up to the target. The Anser 2 has a slightly longer and narrower shape to the Anser and sharper corners.

Who uses a Ping Anser putter?

Later on Scott Verplank used his Anser for more than 22 consecutive years, and Tiger Woods used an Anser as a junior and college player, as well as played an Anser 2 during the 1998 PGA Tour season. To this day Woods still uses a Ping grip on his putter.

How can I tell how old my Ping putter is?

How can I tell how old my Ping putter is? Obtain the serial number from the Ping club in question. Find serial numbers on the hosel for irons, hybrids and fairway woods, and on the sole of the club for drivers. Late-model putters have serial numbers on the heel side of the face.

What pros use Ping putter?

Tiger also still uses a Ping putter grip.

  • PGA Tour and European Tour Ping Players. Mark Calcavecchia has played on the PGA Tour since 1982, and in 1989 he won the British Open.
  • LPGA Tour Ping Players. Lorena Ochoa, from Mexico, is the number-one ranked woman player in the world.
  • Champions Tour Ping Players.

What Ping putter does Tiger Woods use?

Ping PP58 putter
Tiger Woods Putter Grip Throughout his career, Tiger Woods has used a Ping PP58 putter grip except for using a Scotty Cameron grip on his Scotty Cameron Newport TeI3 putter used in his first major victory.

Which PING putter is the most valuable?

Two of the most sought-after putters designed by PING are the 69BC and 69BC Croquet models. The 69BC has a very different shaft angle from the 69BC Croquet. The latter’s shaft goes straight down and bends backwards. A 69BC normally sells for approximately $750 or $850.

How big does a ping Karsten tr Anser 5 get?

The Karsten TR Anser 5 was a welcome reminder of why that shape and style has been popular for so long. The adjustabilty option won’t be for everyone, but that is why Ping offer all the Karsten TR putters in a 35-inch fixed length of each model as well.

When did Karsten Solheim invent the PING putter?

In January of 1966, Karsten Solheim designed the Anser putter, a model so successful that PING celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2016 (see story below). The idea came to him, as inspiration often does, in a flash.

Is there a ping Karsten Anser 2 putter left?

Only 1 left! Ping Karsten Anser 2 putter. Great putter to Game or Collect. Some scratches.

Who is the Karsten tr putter named after?

Named after Karsten Solheim, Ping’s founder who passed away in 2000, the putters bring a new finish and design to some of one of their most successful and trusted putter models. Already several Ping players including Hunter Mahan, Bubba Watson and Miguel Angel Jimenez have added a Karsten TR model to their bag.

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