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Who is Raksha Dave married to?

Who is Raksha Dave married to?

Nigel Jeffries
Personal life. In April 2017, Dave married Nigel Jeffries, who is a medieval and post-medieval pottery expert at the Museum of London.

What happened to carenza Lewis?

An expert in Medieval rural settlement, Carenza is currently Professor for the Public Understanding of Research at University of Lincoln. In 2020, Carenza founded Dig School with the CBA, University of Lincoln and Historic England.

Where is Time Team now?

The new digs. Time Team is delighted to announce that two new excavations have now been confirmed: a huge Roman villa in Oxfordshire, and an Iron Age settlement in Cornwall.

How Old Is Phil Harding?

71 years (January 25, 1950)Phil Harding / Age

Where is Phil Harding now?

I am currently a Fieldwork Archaeologist based at Wessex Archaeology, but am probably best known for my regular appearances on Channel 4’s Time Team.

Why did Aston quit Time Team?

Mick Aston quits Time Team after producers hire former model co-presenter. The 65-year-old, who has been on the show for 19 years, said he had been left “really angry” by changes which led to the introduction of co-presenter Mary-Ann Ochota and some archaeologists being axed.

Who is Phil Harding’s wife?

Margie Mickan
Last month retired doctor Philip Harding and retired matron Margie Mickan tied the knot after a whirlwind romance. They’d first met during an ABC TV interview in September 2017.

Does Phil Harding have a PHD?

Phil Harding, Ph. D, P.E. (OR) – Director of Business Innovation – Columbia Pulp, LLC | LinkedIn.

Who is Raksha Dave and what does she do?

Raksha Dave is a field archaeologist, public archaeologist and presenter who has been working in her industry for two decades. In 1999, Raksha graduated from the UCL Institute of Archaeology.

When did Raksha Dave leave Time Team archaeology?

In 2013, Raksha was recruited by Channel Four to be part of the Time Team archaeology programme. She frequently appeared on the programme as a presenter and senior archaeologist until its final episode in 2013.

Who is Raksha Dave of Museum of London married to?

On April 1st, 2017, Raksha married Nigel Jeffries at the Woolwich Town Hall in London. Nigel Jeffries is a senior specialist at the Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA).

When did Raksha Dave and Nigel Jeffries get married?

During her studies, Raksha was involved in some research digs in Puerto Rico, Texas. In November 2013, Raksha gave birth to her daughter, Asha Dave Jeffries. On April 1st, 2017, Raksha married Nigel Jeffries, a fellow archaeologist and senior specialist at the Museum of London Archaeology.

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