How can you tell if a Beatles is first pressing?

How can you tell if a Beatles is first pressing?

The sleeve for the original pressing of the “White Album” is a gatefold with the openings on the top of the sleeve, not on the sides. Later pressings have the openings on the sides. The text “The Beatles” should be embossed, not printed, on the front cover. The sleeve should also have a number stamped on it.

When was the first vinyl pressed?

In 1931, RCA Victor launched the first commercially available vinyl long-playing record, marketed as program-transcription discs. These revolutionary discs were designed for playback at 331⁄3 rpm and pressed on a 30 cm diameter flexible plastic disc, with a duration of about ten minutes playing time per side.

How can I tell if my Beatles records are real?

If you find an old Capitol album, you’ll see the record number divided into a prefix (from 1 to 4 letters) and a number. For example, you might find a copy of Meet the Beatles numbered ST-2047. The number is the actual release number.

Is the Beatles White album worth anything?

5, copy 0000001 of The Beatles aka The White Album sold for $790,000 at Julien’s auction, a new world record for a vinyl record at an auction. Early estimates for the item placed its value between $40k-60k, an estimate collector demand easily surpassed. Dec.

Why are first pressings better?

First pressings of a vinyl record are generally more desirable. They’re seen as more “authentic,” and so vinyl lovers will generally pay more for that first edition. If there’s anything unique about that album — a special cover, a sticker, a band poster or an insert — it’s going to be in that first pressing.

Why are vinyls black?

Carbon has conductive properties, so adding it to the PVC increases the overall conductivity of the material, lessening the accumulation of static, and therefore, dust, on a record. By coloring records black with carbon-based pigment, manufacturers ensure their records last longer and sound better.

How much did an LP cost in 1975?

Not sure about the start of the decade, but I do remember that circa 1975 LPs were about 18 to 20 Dutch guilders. That’s about 8 or 9 euros, which, with today’s currency exchange, comes down to about 11 or 12 dollars.

How much is an original Beatles Abbey Road album worth?

The estimated market value is $27.67. Mavin found 9K sold results, ranging in value from $6.10 to $763.99.

What was the Beatles first album in America?

Meet the Beatles!
Meet the Beatles! Introducing… The Beatles is the first studio album released by the English rock band the Beatles in the United States. Originally scheduled for a July 1963 release, the LP came out on 10 January 1964, on Vee-Jay Records, ten days before Capitol’s Meet the Beatles!.

What was the first pressing of the Beatles?

The first edition of “Rubber Soul” was mastered at a louder volume than subsequent editions and has matrix numbers ending in “-1.” Similarly, the first pressing of “Revolver” has a different cut of the track “Tomorrow Never Knows” and also has a matrix number ending in “-1.” Search for numbered copies of “The Beatles” (the White Album).

How much is a first press Beatles album worth?

The edition of the album can make the difference between a record worth a couple of bucks and one worth several hundred dollars. If you’re a serious record collector, nothing but a first edition will do.

What was the first Beatles album Made in mono?

Every Beatles album has been remastered in stereo, but the first pressings were made in mono, except for the band’s first release, “Please Please Me,” and its last two releases, “Abbey Road” and “Let It Be.” Read the date on which the record was made. The date of manufacture is on both the record and the sleeve.

What’s the name of the Beatles album Oh Darling?

The Beatles – Oh! Darling (2019 Mix / Audio) Oh! Darling An E.M.I. Recording. Thanks to George Martin, Geoff Emerick and Phillip McDonald This first press has variations on the sleeve. The apple logo IS misaligned with the rest of the text AND Her Majesty is also missing from the sleeve and vinyl label.

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