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How do you empty a Ricoh waste toner bottle?

How do you empty a Ricoh waste toner bottle?

Slide both levers on the front cover outward. Hold both ends of the paper transfer unit, and then lift it up. Hold the center of the waste toner bottle, and then carefully pull it out horizontally. Pull the waste toner bottle halfway out, grab the bottle, and then pull it straight out.

What do you do with a full waste toner bottle?

This excess toner is removed from the drum by a cleaning blade and goes into a waste toner compartment, or bottle. The main purpose of the waste toner bottle is to provide a collection reservoir for unused particles so that they do not just fall into the machine.

Where is the waste toner bottle?

The front cover is located in between the printer lid and the paper tray. 3. Release the waste toner container from the printer by pressing the tab at the top right (as shown above) and angling the top forwards.

What is waste toner bottle Ricoh?

Keep your unit running in top form with this replacement Waste Toner Bottle from Ricoh, compatible with the SP C352DN and SP C360DNw LED printers. This small container collects toner that is wasted during the printing process, with each bottle lasting for approximately 13,000 pages.

Can I empty my waste toner container?

Pull out the plastic pegs that hold the toner container to the cartridge case and separate the case and container. Unscrew the two screws holding the plate onto the toner container. Hold the cartridge with two hands inside the plastic bag. Turn the cartridge over and carefully empty the waste toner into the bag.

What does waste toner bottle nearly full mean?

The 82 Waste Bottle Nearly Full message on the operator panel means you need to replace the waste toner bottle soon. Make sure you have ordered one. Consult your User’s Guide for information on ordering supplies.

What does it mean when waste toner is full?

If the Waste Toner Bottle becomes full, this machine stops printing, and restarts printing after the Waste Toner Bottle is replaced. Inclining the Waste Toner Bottle may cause toner to spill. Take a new Waste Toner Bottle out of the package box.

Can toner go in the garbage?

Toner cartridges should always be disposed of in an appropriate container or bin and shouldn’t be treated like a regular trash item. If you’re at home, you can put your cartridges in the recycling bin.

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