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How old are Silver Cross prams?

How old are Silver Cross prams?

Where it began. The Silver Cross story starts in Yorkshire, England in 1877. Which means Silver Cross has over 140 years of experience and expertise to their name. Founder, William Wilson invented the worlds first patented baby carriage.

Is Silver Cross a good brand?

An ultra-stylish, well-made pushchair from a trusted brand, with one of the best carrycots on the market. Silver Cross is a well-known British brand that dates back to 1877 – although it’s currently known for its Royal connections after Kate Middleton chose the Sleepover Elegance for Prince George.

What does Silver Cross mean?

A silver cross necklace will give years of pleasure and provide many happy memories. The wide variety of styles available means there is bound to be a cross to meet every taste.

How do you put wheels on a silver cross pram?

To attach the wheel simply pull out the metal tab “C” and slide the wheel onto the axle “B”. 1.3 Lift the metal wheel until the tab “C” clicks into place. The wheel should be held firmly in position.

How do I make my pram wheels look new?

To clean your stroller wheels, dip your brush into a mix of warm water and washing up liquid. Scrub the wheels firmly, rubbing away the build-up of dirt. If you have really stubborn marks, pour hot water on them first. Then, leave the wheels to air dry.

When should you buy a pram?

So when should you buy a car seat and pram during pregnancy? The ideal time is to have your car seat and stroller at home and ready for use by 35 weeks. This means you may need to have ordered your chosen products by 32 weeks, just in case delivery is delayed for any reason.

Is Silver Cross pram good?

Where did the Silver Cross pram come from?

A family owned company, based in North Yorkshire, Silver Cross was created by engineer William Wilson, the inventor of the first coach-built pram. Coach prams have a hard body/carrycot type base, C-spring suspension, large spoked wheels and a folding hood.

What’s the difference between a Silver Cross pram and pushchair?

The main difference between a Silver Cross pram and a pushchair is the way that your baby is held. In a pram, your baby lies flat on their back, while in a pushchair, they can sit up and look at the world around them.

Which is the only pram manufacturer in the UK?

Silver Cross currently manufactures two models of full-size coach-built pram in the UK, the Balmoral and the Kensington, as well as two models of dolls pram, the Oberon and the Chatsworth. Silver Cross is the only pram manufacturer still producing coach-built prams in the UK.

Where can I buy a vintage baby pram?

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