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How do I read my sleep study results?

How do I read my sleep study results?

The scale of AHI is:

  1. < 5 = normal in an adult. (In a child > 1.5 indicates clinically significant sleep apnea)
  2. 5-15 = mild.
  3. 15-30 = moderate.
  4. > 30 = severe.

What is a good sleep apnea score?

From the rating chart here, we see that an index less that 5 is considered normal. For an Apnea-Hypopnea Index from 5 to 15 denotes mild sleep apnea. Fifteen to 30 is moderate, while a greater than 30 is considered severe.

Can sleep study results be wrong?

It is possible for a home sleep test to produce a “false-positive result.” About 15 percent of people without OSA are likely to receive a false-positive result. This is even more common in older adults who often have other medical problems or sleep disorders that affect sleep.

How long is usual to get sleep study results?

It may take up to two full weeks for proper evaluation of your study: the results will require analysis by a board-certified sleep physician, who will check for all possibilities including: Once the results are in, it is time to discuss treatment options with your sleep doctor.

What does a sleep study test usually reveal?

The sleep study test reveals the total duration the patient was on the bed, the actual duration the patient slept, awakenings from the sleep, cessation of breathing (apneas – total cessation of breathing & hypopneas- partial cessation of breathing), sleep architecture, onset & duration of REM & NREM sleep, abnormal leg movements, any behavioral changes etc and helps in arriving at the final diagnosis

What do my sleep study results really mean?

The results of your study may indicate that you have a sleep disorder which means you may need something beyond improving your Sleep Environment or Sleep Routine. This could be a prescription for medications, surgery, or therapy such as Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP).

Re: Can sleep study results be wrong? Yes, sleep studies can be wrong, so can teachers, lawyers, judges and your next door mother-in-law ! Most Sleep Labs won’t even talk with you, it’s not their job, they are hired help, last week they may have been burning your french fries.

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