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What size generator do I need to run a 10 hp motor?

What size generator do I need to run a 10 hp motor?

Rule of Thumb

Electric Motor Size Minimum Generator Req’d (KVA) by Starting Method
HP KW S.D to KVA Size (Note 2)
6 4.5 12
7.5 5.5 15
10 7.5 20

How many watts is a 10 hp motor?

Subject: RE: How many kilowatts /hour does 10 HP fan take? 746 watts per Hp but, rule of thumb figure 1KW per Hp to allow for efficiency losses. So 10 KWH would run a 10 Hp motor for 1 hour.

What size generator do I need for a 15 hp motor?

Use of Engine Driven Generators – Single-Phase or Three-Phase

Motor Rating Minimum Rating of Generator
HP KW Internally Regulated
7 1/2 5.5 12.5
10 7.5 18.75
15 11 25

How big is a 10hp motor?

General Purpose Motor, 10 HP, 3-Phase, Nameplate RPM 1,765, Voltage 230/460V AC, 215T Frame. Country of Origin Varies. Country of Origin is subject to change. NEMA 210 frame three-phase general purpose AC motors have a standard 1-3/8″ diameter, 3-3/8″ length shaft whose center is 5-1/4″ above the mounting surface.

What size generator do I need to run a 5 hp motor?

A true 5 hp on 220 volts would require 28 amps to run on 220 or 6160 watts so at a minimum I would think 20,000 watt generator.

How many watts does it take to run a 15 hp motor?

746 watts equals one HP. A 11,000 watt generator should run 15 HP of motors.

How do you size a generator motor?

Here’s a simple rule for estimating the size of an engine-generator set for motor starting: 1kW of generator set rating per each 3/4 to 1 hp of motor nameplate.

How much horsepower do I need for a generator?

The rule of thumb is that you need 2 HP to produce 1 kW of electricity. For example, a 50-HP engine is required to produce 25 kW of power.

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